Clothes that Shape the Brand: How Deion Sanders is So Successful

While doing an interview, NFL player Deion Sanders, said this:

“Look good. Feel good.
Feel good. Play good.
Play good. Pay good.
Pay good. Live good.”

(Makes reading the word good start to look funny doesn’t it!?!)

I love this quote. Each statement builds upon the other. The result is driven from the idea that when you look good, you feel good. And there is amazing power that comes from simply feeling good—as you saw in many of the stories from this series.

I think most people walk around feeling just fine. But when you look at very successful people nothing they do is ever just fine. Fine isn’t good enough. Every tiny thing is done with calculation and purpose. After all when you’re certain about acquiring a big result, why would you leave anything to chance?

The clothes you wear shape your own self-concept, how potential clients perceive you, and ultimately your entire brand. It’s my hope that the stories in this series have been fun to read but also inspire you to think of ways your own clothes can shape your brand and success.

With that, I leave you with a final thought. You get dressed every day. What if simply by putting on certain clothing you could ensure you never missed out on an opportunity?

Would you pay more attention to what you wear?

As you think about how your own clothes will shape your brand, keep me posted on how it goes.