You aren’t a one-man band. You depend on your awesome team to serve your clients in the best way.

A team that helps you prosper is clear on the mission and purpose of the business, and understands why and what needs to be in place in order to align with that mission to create happy clients.

A prosperous team presents itself so they feel confident in themselves but also gives clients confidence in them. This ensures you use the most strategic dress code to invoke a fabulous looking staff your clients enjoy working with.


  • Bring clarity and momentum to your team around the business mission, vision, and the role they play in its success.
  • Create a dress code that inspires your staff and makes clients feel confident in every team member they meet.
  • Teach your team how to look and feel authentic and confident each day when they come to work.
  • Eliminate image challenges currently happening within your team.
  • Jumpstart a culture that inspires a branded look and feel for your staff as your team continues to grow.

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