Take Great Photos with Your Team

A client with an upcoming team photo shoot often calls me in a panic sounding like this: ‘What should everyone wear? Should we match? Should we not match? Should I be different? Help!”

If you’re planning a photo shoot with your team start here.

STEP 1: Decide how you want a potential client to feel.

You have to determine the feeling you want potential clients to have when looking at the photograph of your team. What do you want them to think?

How do you want them to feel? What makes you and your team different? Get very clear on this prior to thinking about what everyone will wear.

STEP 2: Create a color story.

team-photoDon’t all wear the same outfit. The reason your team is successful is because everyone is unique. So instead of making everyone look the same, create a color story. Pick 3 to 4 colors that go together and compliment your branding and marketing goals. For instance, one of my clients is the President and CEO of Sterk Financial Services. For their photo shoot we picked a color story of black, white, and green. Each color was picked for a very specific reason.

Green- It’s a color that symbolizes growth and also is literally the color of money. Sterk Financial Services’ clients are looking for growth and a successful financial future so the color green is perfect.

Black and White – Black and white offers sophistication, elegance, and class.  These are all qualities that are going to appeal to Sterk Financial Services’ ideal clients.

TIP: Once you choose your color palate have everyone bring in what they would like to wear ahead of time. Lay each outfit out on the conference room table and see how everything looks together.

STEP 3: Use color for positioning. 

Use the color palate you choose to help position key players of your team. For Sterk Financial Services, Mary Sterk, is the President and CEO. She is positioned as such in the photograph based on her physical placement in the photo as well as the fact she is the only one wearing all green.

When it comes to taking successful team photos, the strategy you put behind it is key. Have fun with it and if you want helping creating the strategy for an awesome photograph like Sterk Financial Services, reach out to me at hello@leeheyward.com!