The Pants that Took Two Inches Off My Hips!

I’ve always bought my workout clothes at Target. Frankly, I preferred to put my money into Louis Vuitton instead of things I’d sweat in. I wore athletic clothes that seemed perfectly good.
But then something changed. I got serious about wanting a result from my workouts. I hired a trainer and immediately gave myself a workout clothing makeover. I went to Lululemon and Athleta and bought what had before seemed like unnecessarily expensive workout pants. Those expensive pants changed the way I showed up to work out, both in how I looked (they really do amazing things for your body!) and how I felt being there. I was ready to make things happen. And I did!
2 inches came off my hips. 1 inch came off each thigh. And ½ an inch came off my arms. Yes, I have an amazing trainer, but I credit the workout clothes.
The simple act of purchasing what seemed like expensive items made me even more invested in achieving the results I desired in my workouts. I noticed when I worked out I felt a little sassy, a little bad ass, and all of a sudden the hard work was a lot more fun.
Were the athletic tights I bought magical? I believe so. They didn’t act alone in taking two inches off my hips, but the act of no longer accepting what seemed perfectly good, and only focusing on ways to make getting the result I wanted easier, was transformational.
In a way, the clothes you wear are magical. They can inspire you to step up and do things you never thought you would do. You just have to discover what clothes get you fired up so much that before you know it, you’ve soared past the result you want.
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