I’m Lee Heyward

My super power is that I see things that get in the way of what you want to do in your life, and business.

Strange? Totally!

But how many times have you planned to purchase something and come out empty handed because something you can’t even explain got in the way. It just didn’t feel right. That feeling is what I like to eradicate.

You are great at what you do, but are potential clients certain of that?

When a client is in front of you, your team, or in your office, they should enter a world that gives them the confidence they have found exactly what they need. It should feel right.

Ironically what will get in the way of you reading this page about me, is that it’s absurdly long. However you may find my journey interesting, so if you’ve got four minutes (I timed it) read on.

THE RIGHT STUFF (New Kids anyone???)

I started this company ten years ago, but there are two big moments from my life that have shaped the passion for what I do.

The first was in fourth grade when I insisted on creating a weeks worth of “cool kid outfits” for my best friend entering fourth grade at a new school. I was determined she would walk in and be a cool fourth grader—and she was!

My entire life I’ve loved using clothing to help people achieve their absolute best. There aren’t a ton of things in life you have complete control over, but the way you present yourself is one you do. Since you have to get dressed anyway, why not dress to feel your absolute best and be a strategic marketing tool at the same time. It’s as simple as putting on the right clothes. Notice I didn’t say fancy clothes. It’s about discovering the right fit for you, and your company goals.


The second moment stems from my life long obsession with horses. After college I had the opportunity to work for an equestrian footwear company called Ariat International—a dream job for someone who has ridden horses since the age of five. I traveled all over the country helping our customers grow their business by merchandising Ariat products to fly off the shelves.

Ariat is very smart. They make the most superior products in the industry. But they also know that superiority alone doesn’t close sales. Your customer must know that you exist and feel as if you are the solution for them.

While there I learned three valuable lessons that have shaped the foundation of the company I have built today.

A business is only as great as their leader.

 Ariat is a great company because they have great leadership. From the beginning they didn’t want to sell just another boot. They sold boots with a cause and a mission, and while doing so created a culture within their industry that continues today.

Whether you are in your office five days a week, or five days a month, you are driving the results you get.

My Ariat career showed me the vast difference between the businesses of owners who ran their business because it was a way to pay the bills, versus those who had a desire to make a difference for the market they served.

Those owners dressed better, their stores looked better, they had employees with high retention rates, and best of all they had loyal customers who were like family.

But the real take away is that these business owners never took their foot off the gas. It’s easy to put on your “professional hat” when you’re first starting out. But years and millions later, you have to up your game to continue being the best version of yourself and your business.

All people judge a book by its cover.

You, your office, and your team are creating the “cover” of your metaphorical book. An aligned image that speaks to your ideal client closes sales. One that misses the mark, results in potential clients looking you over and setting you back down.

At Ariat I went into our accounts and focused on making displays that would engage Ariat customers and sell boots. The stores that maintained those displays sold 2-3 times more product than those who just put out boots for people to buy.

Buying decisions are shaped by the way something looks and feels, whether you’re buying a new pair of boots, or a new client is deciding if they should hire you.

Your staff must be connected to what they do
in order to help you meet your goals.

In my Ariat merchandising days most Saturday mornings were spent teaching our account’s staff all about the Ariat brand and its products. I discovered a Saturday that began with training and brand hu-rah would easily double the sales of a regular Saturday in that store.

It wasn’t the product education that made the difference. Yes, that information was helpful to field customer questions, but what sold boots was the connection a staff member felt to the WHY behind the brand.

I’d hear people retell the story of how Ariat was founded by two women, or how the name came to be. Then all of a sudden that staff member had connected the customer to the brand and sold her two pairs of boots instead of the one she came in for.

When your staff is clear on your mission and feels as if they are on that journey with you, they will dress better, perform better, and play an integral role in the growth you desire.

Fast forward to today where I work with million dollar elite service businesses to ensure they leverage their business image to make a broader impact and grow sales.

Funny enough the principles are the same.

If you want your team to look good, you have to look great.

If you want them to care about your clients, you have to be clear on your mission and connect them to it.

If you want your clients to be 100% confident you’re the solution for them, you have to make them feel as if you are the perfect solution for them.

You already know all of this, but how’s it playing out in your firm?


If your business image isn’t completely aligned, or getting you the growth you’re after, let’s explore what tweak will get you to where you want to go.

You get dressed each day.  You already have an office and a team. Let’s look at how the things you already have can add momentum to your sales and impact.

Schedule a call with me! I look forward to learning more about you.