04 052020

The Secret to Looking Good on Zoom

On Zoom what people really want from you, isn’t perfection; it’s consistency. This holds true before, during, and after a pandemic. Your team wants to consistently see you as the leader they know and desperately need. Your clients want to see that you can deliver what they trust you do for them, even in the

13 032019

Clothes that Shape the Brand: How Deion Sanders is So Successful

While doing an interview, NFL player Deion Sanders, said this: “Look good. Feel good. Feel good. Play good. Play good. Pay good. Pay good. Live good.” (Makes reading the word good start to look funny doesn’t it!?!) I love this quote. Each statement builds upon the other. The result is driven from the idea that

12 032019

Clothes that Shaped the Brand: The BEST Purchase Barbara Corcoran EVER made!

You may know Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s SHARK TANK but her path to success in real estate is fascinating. She started her business, the Corcoran Group, with a $1000 loan. She later sold the business for $66 million (66 is her lucky number). She’s amazing in real estate but if you learn more about her

09 032019

Clothes that Shaped the Brand: $$$$ Million Dollar Shoes $$$$

One of my favorite examples of the power of first impressions comes from the master of showmanship, Elmer Leterman. He is a famous sales tycoon from the 60s. If you can ever get your hands on his book, How Showmanship Sells, be sure to buy it, as it’s out of print now. He says, “The

07 032019

Clothes that Shaped the Brand: Kelly Ripa’s visit to the ER

If you ever happen to catch Kelly Ripa tell this story on tv it’s quite funny. But it demonstrates your clothing doesn’t just shape the results you get in business—but also influences all areas of your life. Including how long you wait in the emergency room. Talk show host Kelly Ripa tells a great story

05 032019

Clothes that Shaped the Brand: He spent $162,301 on clothes!!?!

Neil Patel spent $162,301 on clothing. Yup, you read that right. From that investment he made $692,500. Not bad huh. Neil Patel of Quicksprout.com is a genius at growing your website traffic and a master at making money. He’s helped companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom grow their revenue. He conducted a year-long

01 032019

Why You Have to Engage Your Clients

For the last fifteen years I’ve seen the same dentist, paid more because he was out of network, and drove a little farther than I’d prefer. Why? Because I liked him. For the five minutes that I was face to face with him on each visit, I had a wonderful experience. This year he retired

14 042018

Wet hair, Don’t Care: Your Employee With Wet Hair Costs You Money

Have a team member that shows up to work with wet hair? Here are 3 steps to curb this habit while building the foundation for a stronger brand. Let’s face it, we’ve all had a morning where we wake up late. You jump in the shower, throw on clothes, do your makeup in the car,

30 032018

Find Yourself After Divorce

How do you find yourself again after a huge transition like a divorce? When events in your life leave you wondering who you are, and how you’re going to go forward, it’s key to remember that there is happily ever after divorce. That’s the motto of Atlanta Divorce Law Group. Recently I was honored to

07 062017

A Book of Yeses!

Last night I had a surreal moment when I walked into Barnes & Noble and there in the business section sat my book, Strategically Suited. It hits bookstores nationwide this month! My daughter (she’s 6) asked me how I knew how to write a book. I thought about it and told her I didn’t know