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{[MUST DO Trends for Spring]}

With new trends popping up each season how do you know which ones are for you? 


Stripes aren’t just for the nautically enthused. Take a lesson from Coco Chanel and turn stripes into a chic and modern wardrobe classic. REMINDER: Horizontal stripes can be very flattering. The trick is choosing a garment with great shape. 
These shoes are made for walking—Hooray! This season flats and low heels are making a comeback.   Punch up your spring style with a flat shoe in a bold hue. Look for a brand like Cole Haan for comfort and style.
 This 19th Century fashion has made it’s way back onto   the style scene. It’s a chic way to add a modern touch  to a professional look. Pair a peplum top with your favorite pencil skirt. Best of all it’s a great way to accentuate a waist and hide a tummy.
Ethnic prints and inspirations make up this seasons Globe Trotter trend. Swap out your traditional blazer for a funky patterned version.
For more information on how to discover what to wear this Spring be sure to join Lee for her free webinar,

“10 Spring Trends You CAN Wear (Again and Again!)”

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Last week during a closet edit I made over 40 “NEW” outfits using what was already in someone’s closet. Every closet I go in has more potential than it’s owner can see.
The trick to shaking things up in your closet is playing dress up. Walk into your closet and force yourself to find an outfit you’ve never worn before. An easy way to do this is to pretend like you’re putting an outfit together for someone else. It takes the “I could never wear that” feeling out of the equation.
Dress up is a powerful exercise. (And a common occurrence in my house.) You played dress up completely uninhibited as a kid and wore only what you liked and what made you feel fun. Here’s the secret…It’s the same thing as an adult. Read on to learn the formula for putting together the perfect outfit.
Dress up! Have fun! And here’s to your style!


Are you sitting there thinking that you  -OWN -the wardrobe, but not sure -WHERE- everything has gone, or -HOW- to piece the clothes you own together?

Let me come to you for your very own ‘Closet Edit’, and we can work through some of the most common wardrobing dilemma’s together!


 Things are definitely different around my house since having a child. I am no longer the first one to read my Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. As you can see from the picture I’ve got some competition. And I find myself at home on a lot more Saturday nights.
Last Saturday I was ecstatic to finally have time to edit my own closet. I gave away two bags of clothes that no longer worked for me. It wasn’t because they were out of style or didn’t fit; they just no longer helped me create the style I want.
I share this with you because sometimes the thought of going through your closet and getting rid of things causes feelings of guilt and overwhelm. There’s no shame or wastefulness in getting rid of clothing that isn’t currently serving you. You can donate or even consign your clothes and let someone else enjoy what no longer works for you.
Spring is around the corner and it’s a great time to reflect on whether or not the clothes in your closet are the ones for you. It’s actually a very easy process. All you need to know are the four closet edit questions.

The FOUR Closet Edit Questions

These four simple questions make going through your closet a simple and easy process. The key is to be honest and disciplined about what you want. Hold up an item in your closet and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I LOVE it?
  2. Is it flattering?
  3. Does it help me achieve the style I want?
  4. Have I worn it recently?

If you don’t answer “YES!” for each question you know that particular item isn’t working for you. Consider donating it, consigning it, or working with a stylist to find out to make an item something you love to wear.

A closet edit is the foundation to great style. And it’s necessary if you want to create a fashionable and versatile wardrobe that allows you to get dressed quickly. We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. It’s no wonder we find ourselves standing in front of a bursting closet, yet find nothing to wear.


Editing and organizing your closet will remind you what you have, where it is, and whether you actually wear it. The trick is being ruthless about what you truly need and wear.


Go through your closet, section by section. Ask yourself 4 questions about each piece of clothing. This is where the true edit comes in.


    1. Do you love it?
    2. Is it flattering? Specifically, does it fit your body right now?
    3. Does it help you meet your style goals?
    4. When did you wear it last?


If you don’t love it, get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit or isn’t flattering it is a detriment to any attempt at style. The first step to great style is great fit. Without fit, you have no style.


Does the item help you portray the image you desire? Does it work for your lifestyle? If you want to go from the playground to the PTA in style, will it accomplish this goal?


If you haven’t worn something in over a year you probably aren’t going to wear it again.


Once you have honestly answered these questions about each item in your closet, you will be left with a wardrobe you actually want to wear.

The age old saying that you can’t get something for nothing just isn’t true when it comes to your wardrobe. In fact, you can get an entire new wardrobe for nothing just by shopping at your local consignment boutique.


This Spring I edited my closet and took my own advice about being ruthless with its contents. At the end of my closet edit, I was left with a stack of clothing that no longer worked for my style, lifestyle, or body. All of these were stylish pieces in great condition. I’m embarrassed to say that even a few of them still had tags on them. This can happen to anyone, but the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move on. Placing each item back in your closet because you feel twangs of guilt about how much you paid isn’t going to help you figure out what to wear in the morning. My advice is to head straight to your local consignment boutique.


Take your pile of in season and in style (on hangers) clothing and consign them so you can get something you actually need and want to wear. You can even get fabulous new wardrobe pieces without handing over a dime. Most consignment boutiques will pay you a higher percentage for your clothing when you spend that money in their store, allowing you to spice up your wardrobe for free!


I took my edited pieces to one of my personal favorites, Butterfly, the sister boutique to Victoria’s Consignments. I haven’t missed a single piece I got rid of. With the money I made from the sale of my consigned items I got a few new items including a beautiful pair of Prada wedges that have been a versatile addition to my Spring wardrobe.


Some of the best deals are found in consignment boutiques. You can find amazing savings on high end designer pieces that are in perfect condition. The next time you edit your closet, consign what you don’t wear and discover that you really can get something for nothing.


A closet edit is the foundation to great style. Let Charleston Style Concierge help you jump start your style by editing your closet and help you to discover how to wear what you already have more. Visit for more information or contact us at (843) 323.2466.

Imagine having a closet full of clothing you truly love. The only challenge to getting dressed would be deciding which fabulous outfit to wear. Getting dressed would be quick and easy, and you would feel great every time you walked out the door.


All of this is possible if you adopt a love it or leave it attitude. It is easy to be seduced by price, styles that you love but that won’t work for your body type, friendly encouragement from sales people, and numerous other factors. As you shop for wardrobe additions or as you edit your closet, you must be ruthless. If you don’t love something, you’re never going to be happy wearing it. Give it away, or leave it at the store!

5 Things Each Piece of Your Clothing Should Have


1.                The fit makes you feel great about your figure.

2.                The price does not affect your desire to buy it.

3.                It makes you feel confident and unique.

4.                It can be used to create many different outfits.

5.                It has special details that speak to your personal style.




Thursday, March 14, 2009


FREE Teleseminar:  “Get Dressed in 10 Minutes or Less”


Getting dressed can be quick and easy!


Do you stand in your closet staring at a sea of clothes feeling as if you have nothing to wear? Do you have the perfect outfit in mind but can’t find the quintessential piece in the depths of your closet?


We only wear 20% of the clothing we own. Creating a plan for both your wardrobe and closet will help you wear what you have more often, save time getting dressed, and help you spend LESS on your wardrobe. Join me and my special guest, Sean Johnson, an organizer extraordinaire, as we share these secrets with you in this FREE ONE-TIME ONLY TELESEMINAR. 

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This call is hosted by Sean Johnson, organizing expert and owner of Organized Bliss, and Lee Heyward, style expert and owner of Charleston Style Concierge.


On this call, you will learn: 


·     How to wear what you already have more often.

·     What you can do to make your closet and wardrobe work for you without spending a dime.

·     How to use household items to help organize your closet.

·     How to make your wardrobe more versatile.

·     Why you always feel like you have nothing to wear.

·     How to keep unwanted pests out of your closet (and we’re not talking about the kids!).

·     Why less really is more.


For more information or to sign up for this seminar click here.


Psssst .. are you ready to learn how to ‘bribe’ your closet to be your friend? Maybe ‘bribe’ is a strong word for when you want to be ‘friends’, since what we really want to do is ‘treat’ your closet great so it can give you love and comfort in return. Hmmm, comfort from a closet? Yes!


After following these tips your “new found friend” (your closet!) will always be there for you when you need an item from it.


When closets are cluttered people tend to just drop items anywhere & everywhere; therefore THE SECRET KEY to your closet happiness is: 


having a designated area for items so that every time you open your closet you will (by habit) know where to drop, pick, pull, place, look in, or reach for your item. And it will almost feel as if your “friend” hands an item to you when you open your closet door. Here are some bribe ideas, oh .. I mean treats for your closet and YOU:

  • Clothes: Sort & arrange shirts by sleeve length (from long to short) – this will make the space look & feel organized and roomier. To maximize space, buy a hanging closet rod (cost is approx. $10) so you can place clothes on the bottom of your closet.
  • Shoes: Sort shoes by usage. Those used more often should be accessible, least used should be placed from your farthest reach. If your closet is too small to place a long shoe rack, I recommend that you purchase clear cubbies that stack upwards & sideways (cost is approx. $7). To keep your tall boots from drooping over, roll up an old magazine & insert it into your boots. Also, hang them if you have space in your closet.
  • Bags: Hang – hang – hang! Hang all bags that have straps so the straps do not turn into octopus tentacles when you reach for the bags (long straps tend to sometimes get tangled-up with other items when not bribed (treated) with an organized plan. I suggest you use “S” hooks (sold at most local hardware) to hang on a pull-spring rod. The key is to hang the bags in a space that is viewable & accessible without having to pull one bag out and fear an avalanche (yikes!).
  • Door: Maximize your door space – “INSIDE” your door. I recommend placing a garment hook (about 5″ length – approx. $9) inside your door, here you can place a few business suits for the week or pick and place the clothes you will be wearing after you shower in the morning.


Again, the key to having an organized closet is to have designated areas for all your items within your closet. Now many people may ‘know’ this, but do not implement it thereby missing out in the comforts that organization brings, so be different and treat yourself great. And, if you treat your closet with a few economical commodities and organization, it will return the favor by staying de-cluttered and organized. If you want me to take a peek into your closet or rooms to give you my suggestions go to: Analyze My Room.


About the Author: Ada Gonzalez is a professional interior decorator nationally known as the ‘Decorator for the Star in You’ because her designs focus on empowering her clients to feel better at home with economical solutions that highlight their style and comfort. She provides full interior decorating services; as well as, do-it-yourself services. Subscribe to her eZine called ‘Smart Decorating Solutions’ to receive FREE bi-weekly decorating tips at:

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