Have a team member that shows up to work with wet hair?

Here are 3 steps to curb this habit while building the foundation for a stronger brand.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a morning where we wake up late. You jump in the shower, throw on clothes, do your makeup in the car, and pray you arrive to work on time.

When this becomes a habit for your team or employees, it chips away at your bottom line and negatively impacts your brand.

Yes, hair will dry so why make a big deal, but here’s what happens when one person is off brand with wet hair.

An employee showing up with wet hair does not feel their best. When they don’t feel their best, creativity, productivity, and influence on other team members decreases.

Then your employee comes face to face with a client. Without realizing why, your client feels as if something is off or out of alignment. Having employees who do not appear “ready” to do their job, sends up a subconscious red flag about whether or not they’ve made the right choice working with your company. They wonder what you might be missing when it comes to their work with you.
Then your wet hair problem becomes a snowball rolling down a hill. One person who’s image is not on brand gives a green light to everyone else that says it’s cool to look unprofessional and not on brand every once in a while—whether that’s more wet hair, a shirt with too many wrinkles, or inappropriate clothing.

Instead of changing all your client meetings to the afternoon once your problem hair has dried, use these tips to eliminate wet hair habits all together.

#1 No matter the size of your business, put a dress code in place.  A section of the dress code should include your expectations on grooming. It can be as serious or as funny as you would like. Such as, here at xyz company we only have bad hair days on Saturday and Sunday. This eliminates any questions about what is or is not on brand for your business, and clearly sets expectations. Studies show that employees often don’t know how to present themselves in the work place due to unclear expectations.

#2 Continually educate your staff on the mission and goals of your business. Make sure they know how they as an individual directly impact achieving those goals. When your team understands, and is invested, in the mission of what you do, it’s easier for them to understand the why behind the dress code and grooming parameters.

#3 Be a good role model—every single day! As the owner or manager of a team, you are setting the standard. If you are slipping with the way you present yourself, you’re giving everyone else permission to do the same. In most cases, employees are looking to those above them for guidance and direction on how to look. One of the most impactful ways you can help to up level your staff’s presence is to start with yourself.

If you’re ready to up level the image of your team, or create a dress code that inspires, let’s talk. Send an email to hello@leeheyward.com.

{[MUST DO Trends for Spring]}

With new trends popping up each season how do you know which ones are for you? 


Stripes aren’t just for the nautically enthused. Take a lesson from Coco Chanel and turn stripes into a chic and modern wardrobe classic. REMINDER: Horizontal stripes can be very flattering. The trick is choosing a garment with great shape. 
These shoes are made for walking—Hooray! This season flats and low heels are making a comeback.   Punch up your spring style with a flat shoe in a bold hue. Look for a brand like Cole Haan for comfort and style.
 This 19th Century fashion has made it’s way back onto   the style scene. It’s a chic way to add a modern touch  to a professional look. Pair a peplum top with your favorite pencil skirt. Best of all it’s a great way to accentuate a waist and hide a tummy.
Ethnic prints and inspirations make up this seasons Globe Trotter trend. Swap out your traditional blazer for a funky patterned version.
For more information on how to discover what to wear this Spring be sure to join Lee for her free webinar,

“10 Spring Trends You CAN Wear (Again and Again!)”

Additional information can be found at http://www.styleseminars.com/springtrends.html

Whether you plan to join in the celebrations this

-St. Patrick’s Day-

with friends, family, or alone- 

your luck will

improve with a festive wardrobe and accessories

(and you will look great, too)!

These days even a black tie dress code can mean any number of things when it comes to acceptable clothing options. And who wants to simply be acceptable anyway? Read on to find out what to wear no matter where you are ringing in the New Year.


I have a great black dress I want to wear on New Year’s Eve.  What kind of accessories would help me look different from everyone else in a black dress?
The easiest way to change up your little black dress is with a super fun shoe. New Year’s is a time for sparkle and pizzazz so show your New Year’s spirit with a great shoe. Step out in style with a shoe in a bright color, interesting texture, animal print, or with fun embellishment.

Juicy Couture - Danika

My friends and I are going to dinner and then to a swanky bar.  I want to wear something nicer than jeans and heels but feel I should leave the cocktail attire in the closet.  Any suggestions?
Head to your closet and pull out your favorite dress–then change it up!

Add a belt! Take off the boring belt your dress came with and replace it with your own chic version. The upgrade of a belt made of soft leather, a fun color, or even a beaded metallic will add personality and style.

Help!  I need a cocktail dress asap and am tired of wearing black.  What colors are in right now?
You can never go wrong with color! Try a dress in a rich jewel tone such as eggplant, peacock blue, or berry. Add a metallic shoe and you have a fresh on trend look.

French Connection 'Fast Zero' One Shoulder Dress

Doing some research sounds like a no brainer, but it is actually one of the easiest ways to take the stress out of figuring out what to wear this holiday season.  During the holidays you already have enough to stress about.


Start with your holiday invitations.  Most invitations will specify a dress code.  If not, just ask the host what the “dress” for the party is.  If you are going to a work party with a mystery dress code, talk to your colleagues.  Find out what others are planning to wear, and what they might have worn last year at the party.  This should give you a good place to start planning your outfit.


Two of the most common dress codes found on holiday invitations this time of year are cocktail attire and festive attire. 


Cocktail Attire is fun because as a woman you have so many options.  Typically women wear short elegant dresses or separates and men wear a dark suit.  Women can also wear dress pants with an elegant/dressy top.  Another great option is your little black dress.  That is something many of us have already have in our closets.  The little black dress is very appropriate and can have many different looks just by changing your accessories.  Remember that accessories can be the key to dressing up or down a look.  Also, don’t be afraid to wear color.  There are a lot of beautiful vibrantly colored cocktail dresses in the stores for the holiday season.


Many of us already have the beginnings of a cocktail outfit in our closet.  The little black dress is a cocktail attire staple, but it doesn’t have to be black.  You may have a great dark dress in your closet that you can glam up with accessories.  Play up your bag, shoes and jewelry to make over a plain dress.


Most of us have some type of dressy or evening top in our closets.  Pair that with dress pants, a skirt, or even a suit for a more conservative office party. Your shoes can play a big role in dressing up your look.  Metallic shoes, or shoes with lace, satin, patent leather, and embellishment are a great way to dress up an outfit.


Also don’t forget about your bag.  Leave your day bag at home and opt for a clutch or evening bag.  Bags are a great way to play with color, and can do wonders to tie your outfit together.  Remember that your bag doesn’t have to match your shoes.  That is an old outdated rule.


Festive Attire is another common dress code found on invitations this time of year.  Festive attire is not as dressy as cocktail attire but more dressy than casual attire.  Festive attire is meant to evoke a fun, flirty, party atmosphere.  Think metallics, beading, ruffles, bows, velvet, holiday colors, etc.  This is a great time to have a little fun with your wardrobe and the party will probably be pretty fun too.


For more help deciphering what to wear to all of your holiday parties contact the Charleston Style Concierge.

With a different dress code on every invitation, how are you supposed to know what to wear.  Use this guide to decipher attire definitions, or when in doubt ask your host. 


1.  Black Tie indicates formal attire.  Women wear cocktail, long dresses, or dressy  evening separates.  Men wear tuxedos.


2.  Formal usually means the same as Black Tie.  Men might wear a less traditional tux and women will dress as they would for a black tie event.


3.  Black Tie Optional indicates a formal event.  Women wear cocktail, long dresses, or dressy evening separates.  Men may wear a tuxedo or a  dark suit and tie. 


4.  White Tie is the most dressy of evening wear.  Women wear long gowns.  Men wear a dinner jacket with tails and white tie, vest, and shirt.  White Tie is sometimes known as Ultra-formal. 


5.  Semi-Formal requires a cocktail or dressy dress for a woman and dark suit for a man.


6.  Business Formal is the same as semi-formal with the exception that women will often wear a dressy suit.


7.  Informal Attire calls for either semi-formal attire or a slightly less dressy version.


8.  Cocktail Attire is one of the most fun dress codes.  Women wear short, elegant dresses and men wear a dark suit.


9.  Dressy Casual is just a dressier version of casual.  For both men and women steer clear of jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and overall sloppy looks.


10.  Festive Attire usually dictates a semi-formal or informal event, and is seen around the holidays.  This is the time to add appropriate glitz and your holiday spirit.   


For more help deciding what to wear to a party, contact the Charleston Style Concierge or sign up for our monthly ezine full of great style advice.

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