My favorite shoes are valet shoes. You know, the shoes you can only wear when it’s guaranteed you’ll be dropped off at the door of a restaurant and quickly escorted to a sitting position. Valet shoes are jaw-droppingly fabulous, sky high, and for me personally…completely unrealistic. I still love to look at them (I keep a couple of pairs in my closet for special occasions where a valet is involved!), but in order to walk I have to choose comfort first.
Shoes can make or break your outfit so make sure you’ve got ones that look and feel great! My career began working for an equestrian footwear company. As a rider it was a dream job until I realized how difficult it was to make my favorite outfit look cute when I had to wear very specific shoes. So, I’m familiar with getting dressed and then having your shoes kill an outfit. However, unless it’s a job requirement to wear specific shoes there’s no excuse not to have shoes that look and feel great.
Can you have comfort and fashion? YES! In fact, you should accept nothing less. It’s as simple as knowing what brands to buy.
When looking for comfort and style check out a few of my favorite brands.

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Even when you are at the gym your style matters. My fitness guru friend and freelance writer, Valerie Howell, weighs in on how to look great while working out.

Written by Valerie Howell
If one of your New Year’s Resolutions this year is to get fit, make sure you have the proper motivation to get your butt in gear.  And no, I’m not talking about Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser (although she would definitely inspire me to hit the gym!).  The right workout gear can give you a boost when you feel your resolve wavering.  Read on to find out how you can look cool while sweating it out this year.
Dress for Success: Feeling confident and comfortable in your clothes is important whether you are giving a high-stakes presentation at work or just pounding the pavement on your morning jog.   A comfortable, flattering sports bra and tops that hit just below the waist are key. Baggy tops will just make you look bigger than you are, while too tight tops will leave you feeling self-conscious.  Bootleg or cropped pants with a foldover waistband are universally flattering.  Dark pants are slimming and hide the sweat!

Foldover bootleg pant Forever 21 $9.80

Sole Mate: Nothing will set back your fitness goals faster than an injury, so make sure you have the proper shoes for your activity. If you are a walker consider one of the many toning shoes on the market.  There are many stylish options available (check out Puma and New Balance), and don’t forget to wear them around the house or when you are out shopping to help sneak in some toning.  Wear cross-trainers for gym classes or weight lifting and reserve your high-quality running shoes for hitting the trails. TrySports in Mt. Pleasant ( and The Extra Mile in downtown Charleston ( have very knowledgeable staff who can help you pick the right shoe for your foot type.  Bring in an old pair so they can check the wear patterns.  And remember to replace your running shoes every 300-500 miles!

New Balance Toning Shoes $114.99

Fitness Fashion Faves: Marshalls and T.J. Max carry all manner of brand name fitness apparel at great prices.   I’ve also found yoga mats, dumbells and fitness DVDs there as well.  Target is my go to store for trendy, affordable workout clothes. If you feel like splurging, try out Lululemon or Athleta clothing—but be sure to wait until you’ve reached your goal weight!

Champion Top $14.99 at Target

Isaac Mizrahi sketch for Michelle Sasha and Malia Obama
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It is possible to feel stylish and comfortable.  Use these tips to create a style you are comfortable in.


1.      Ask yourself why you are unhappy with the way you look?  How does your look make you feel?  There is a way to counteract those negative feelings with clothing, while being comfortable and staying true to who you are.

2.      If you feel unattractive, you are focusing on the wrong things.  Find the parts of your body that you like (If you can’t find them, ask a friend) and learn how to accentuate them.

3.      Make an effort to learn about your body type.  We are all different shapes and sizes, which means we will not all fit into the same pair of pants.  Learn about fits and designers that work best for you.

4.      If comfort is key, be realistic about your lifestyle when making clothing choices.  If you are on your feet all day wear a fashionable flat or kitten heel.  Save your amazing new platform pumps for a dinner that includes valet. 

5.      Clothing effects the way you feel about yourself and changes the way you are perceived by others.  With that in mind, only buy clothing you love. 

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5 Tips & Tricks About Bras 


1.  Give your bra a rest.  Wearing your bra more than two days in a row wears out the support elastic.  A day of rest will give it a chance to recover its memory.

2.  When you purchase your bra it should fit snuggly on the loosest hook.  As the bra ages you can tighten it using the remaining hooks to maintain the original fit.

3.  Get fitted at least once a year.  Breast size fluctuates due to many factors like age, weight gain/loss, and pregnancy.   

4.  Try your bras on before you purchase them.  Bras are like clothing, every brand will fit a little differently. 

5.  Quality vs. quantity pays off.

New Bra, Now What?


Now that you have a new bra, use your clothing to accentuate your chest in the most flattering way.


 1. If you have a large chest use a v-neck to visually separate “the girls,” making you appear slimmer.

2.  Halter tops are a small chest’s best friend.  The angle of the halter flatters a small chest and gives you an opportunity to show off sexy shoulders.

3.  Just say no to thick stripes and ribbing across your chest.  A large chest makes the stripes and ribbing look more like ocean waves.

4.  Choose clothing that conceals your bra straps. 

5.  Use fitted jackets to create and show off a waistline giving you a defined hourglass shape. 

I recently read a magazine article that inspired me to start this blog.  The article asks the question, “Can we be comfortable in our clothes, and at the same time, feel attractive and happy with the way we look?”   It went on to wonder how the average woman could ever find style and happiness with themselves if a woman like Oprah is guilty of forgoing comfort in the name of fashion.


I believe every woman can feel confident, comfortable, and stylish in her clothing.  Often we hide behind frumpy clothing in the name of comfort.  What most women don’t understand is they can be both comfortable and fashionable, it just takes a little bit of effort and is far from impossible.  My services help women find a balance between comfort and fashion that makes them feel happy and self-confident.


This blog will provide great style tips and tricks.  Look and feel great every time you walk out the door.  Don’t settle for anything less.   

Do you ever wonder how you can be more eco-friendly with your clothing?  Check out these 5 easy ways to Reduce, Resuse, Restyle
5 Ways to Reduce, Reuse, Restyle
1. Edit your closet and discover how to wear what you already have more.
2.  Restyle what you already own.
3.  Shop and sell at consignment stores.
4.  Donate your edited clothing to Dress for Success.
5.  Host a Style Party with a clothing swap.

Alteration Before and After

Example of an old jacket restyled into something new and fabulous!

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