1.     You don’t have to spend a lot on clothes to look like you’ve spent a lot.


2.     Dark colors will always look more authoritative.


3.     Classics are classics for a reason.


4.     Fit is key. You can’t have style without great fit.


5.     Dressing appropriately is like having good manners.


6.     Nobody sees the label.


7.     Quality is more important than quantity.


8.     When in doubt, dress up.


9.     Confidence will come from what you wear.


10. Clothes don’t make the person. (But they can help you fake it till you make it.)




Don’t let your image hold you back from accomplishing what you want in life. Perfect your business image, and reap the rewards of a more confident and successful you. If you need help creating an image that makes you feel confident and propels you to success visit www.imageandyourbusiness.com.

When you know your body type you can change the look of it just by using optical illusions.  This is the key to looking taller, shorter, thinner, etc.


Which center of the flower is bigger?  The top left, right? Wrong. They are the same size.  Even if our brain knows they are the same size, our eyes think the one on the top left is bigger.





Let’s apply this to your clothes. 


Example 1:  If your clothing is too tight you will look bigger.  If your clothing is too big you will look smaller.  This is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish by wearing your clothes too big or too small.


Example 2: Choose a handbag that is in proportion with your size.  A handbag that is very small in proportion to your body will make you look bigger.  A bag that is huge will overpower you, making you look smaller.


Learn how to dress and flatter your body type.  Charleston Style Concierge can help you discover ways to accentuate the body part you like and down play the ones you don’t.  Contact us today.

Why is fit so important for great style?
Without fit, you have no style. A trendy blazer that is too big will look frumpy and outdated. The same blazer too small appears as if you are trying too hard and will remove the chic sophistication from an outfit. Learn about your body type, and dress it appropriately. It is sometimes hard to see our bodies as they really are. Get advice from a personal stylist, or ask a trusted friend to help you examine the fit of your clothing.
What are some general fit rules for petite women?
When you are petite, there are a few rules to live by. First, be mindful of the colors and patterns you wear. Choose rich color palettes to add sophistication to your look and keep people from thinking you are a teenager. Choose patterns that are proportionate to your size. A large pattern will make you look small in comparison. Second, use clothes to help you project a more elongated body image. To do this, eliminate pants with cuffs, and don’t wear heavy, blocky shoes. Both abruptly stop your leg line, ruining all efforts to elongate your body image. Make sure your tops and jackets hit you in the right place. When your top comes past your crotch, you make your legs look shorter, making you look shorter. Lastly, befriend a good tailor. Some of your wardrobe pieces may need to be tailored to get a perfect fit. Pleats seem to come in and out of style.
How do I know if pleats are a trend I should try?
Pleats add fullness and volume to the front of a pant and therefore add fullness and volume to you! Don’t be fooled by the pleated pant as a cover-up for a midsection you want to hide. Remember that pleats will just draw attention to the spot you want to camouflage. If you try a pleated pant, choose more fitted pieces for your top half. If your pleated pants are tapered, take them straight to the closest Goodwill store. Tapered pants are a fit disaster by themselves but will also add even more width and focus to your hips.
How can I minimize the appearance of my hips?
Wear straight or wide-leg trouser-cut pants. You want to create a straight line from your hip to the floor with the silhouette of your pants. Always avoid pleated pants. Pleats add width to your hips and draw the eye to them. Watch out for poorly placed front pockets. The farther out a pocket is placed, the more it will accentuate your hips. Pockets that are set closer to your zipper are ideal. Avoid side-zip pants. If you break up the front of your pant with a zipper, you reduce the visual width of your hips. Wear tops and jackets that define your waist. A defined waist will draw the eye away from your hips.
For great style, start with great fit.   For help fitting your body shape contact Charleston Style Concierge, a styling company that teaches clients how to get an effortless style.

The word fit gets thrown around a lot in our lives. Something may not fit your lifestyle. Your last job just wasn’t a good fit. Or maybe last week you were really fit to be tied. With so many things in our lives revolving around what fits, how is it that fit gets thrown out the window when it comes to our style?
 Does it fit? That is the question you heard from your mother right before she came into the dressing room with her fit checklist. There were a series of squats, bends, and seated positions before the pants in question were deemed a good fit. Now, as an adult, you may have your own fit checklist, but does your clothing really fit?
When it comes to great style, fit is key!

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