The days are getting longer, which means one thing…Summer is right around the corner! 

Adding stripes to your Spring closet is a fabulous way to incorporate the ‘nautical’ feel, without pulling out the white pants just yet!

Worried about how they might look on you?

Leave behind the age-old myth that you simply cannot pull off the stripes without looking like they have added extra attention to your size. It is not true, if styled properly. Check out the samples I have pulled together below to show you samples of how to wear head-to-toe stripes.

Do not forget that if you have concerns about making stripes work into your  Spring wardrobe we can go shopping for your perfectly styled stripes together. These looks can be worn now through Fall, so take the time to piece them together and you will be stylish all Spring and throughout the Summer!

May is an exciting month here at Charleston Style Concierge. This month we are offering three different style education seminars. Mark your calendar for these fun and informative events.

Discover How to Get Dressed in Ten Minutes

Wednesday, May 19th
Have you ever felt frustrated figuring out what to wear? Great style doesn’t have to be hard. Lee Heyward of Charleston Style Concierge, and make up artist, Ashley Brook Perryman will be speaking at the Center for Women workshop “Get Dressed in Ten Minutes.” Join us and learn how to get easy and effortless style in ten minutes or less.
Family Circle Tennis Center
5:30-7:30 pm
For more information and to register visit

Business Casual vs. Business Chaos: Identifying and Optimizing Appropriate Business Casual Attire (Teleseminar)

Tuesday, May 25th
This month’s Stylish Inner Circle call will help you ensure your professional style keeps you on the road to success. Special guest expert and founder of Style at Work, Stephanie Deitzer, will show you how to navigate the ever elusive thing that is appropriate business casual. This call is suited for everyone, from those initially developing their business look, to those with an existing wardrobe they would like to improve.
On the phone
12 pm
*this call will be recorded
Not a member of the Stylish Inner Circle yet? Join now to access this call with your two-month trial membership for only $5. For more information on the Stylish Inner Circle click here.


Ageless Style: Look Great in Your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and Beyond

Tuesday, May 25th
Do feel challenged dressing in a way that feels age-appropriate? Have fun with your style at any age. Join us for this fun feminar and discover:

How to shop for modern and fresh looks you love.
How to make fashion fun and age-appropriate.
Why your style should constantly evolve.
How to translate past styles you love to work for you today.
How to dress your age without feeling boring.
What three easy tricks can take you from frump to fabulous.


Mary Mojo Boutique
6-8 pm
FREE *seating is limited
For more information or to register click here.

One of my favorite ways to feel fashionable for Fall is to wear one of the hot colors of the season. In stores everywhere you can find accessories, outerwear, tops, and bottoms in fabulous Fall colors. This means you can play with color in a big or small way, whichever suits your personal style. This Fall feel more fashionable by adding a pop of color to your wardrobe.


Check out the Fashion Color Report for Fall 2009 and get the scoop on what colors are on trend this season and the designer’s take on the inspiration behind them.






“5 Easy Steps to a Style You Love”


Stop feeling embarrassed in your own clothes! Create a wardrobe

 and style you love with the building blocks of style.


FREE 60-minute Telephone Seminar


Wednesday, October 7, 2009, at 7 pm Eastern

(Click here to sign up)


Great style isn’t just for those with perfect bodies, unlimited budgets, and countless hours of free time to spend putting themselves together. Your style tells the world who you are and should make you feel confident, happy, and comfortable.


You wear only 20% of the clothing you own. Do you wish you really liked what you wear? Are you frustrated by your limited clothing choices? Do you want your clothing to help you feel more confident about your body?


Are you ready to jump-start your style and finally feel great every time you walk out the door?


Stop wasting time and money on clothing you don’t wear and don’t love. On this call, you will discover the building blocks of style that will teach you how to get great style no matter what your shape, size, or budget.


Join me on Wednesday, October 7, for this free telephone seminar.


(Heard enough? Sign up to join me.)

On this call, you will discover . . .


  • How to create a wardrobe you actually want to wear.
  • What simple trick can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • How to decide in one minute or less if you should buy that fabulous jacket.
  • What 3 shopping rules will help you make smart wardrobe decisions every time.
  • How to stop wasting time trying on outfits and start getting dressed quickly and easily.


So, if you are tired of being unhappy with the way you look and finally want to walk out the door feeling great, join me on October 7 at 7 pm Eastern time (4 pm Pacific).


This call will be recorded, but I encourage you to join me for the live call. There will be an exciting and time-sensitive announcement you won’t want to miss.

Sign up now!

One of the most common mistakes people make with their work wardrobe is dressing in a way that is too casual. Yes, it is comfortable but it can also portray you as someone who doesn’t take their work seriously. For example, if you visit your financial planner on a day where she is wearing clothing more appropriate for the beach, you will wonder if she will make appropriate decisions with your money and most likely take your money elsewhere.
Take a look at this picture. This mannequin is wearing a t-shirt and skirt paired with my version of a fancy flip flop. She looks great but is dressed in a very casual way.

Based on her outfit, what does she do?


A sales clerk? A Mom running errands? Someone on their day off?

Now look at this picture. This mannequin is wearing the same outfit paired with a jacket and more professional shoe.

Based on her outfit, what does she do?


Interior Design? Architect? Marketing expert? Web Designer?

Putting on a jacket and heel took a total of 3 seconds. What a difference it makes. Her new look is still casual but much more professional, giving her and her business credibility and interest.

What are you wearing to work?

If you feel overwhelmed by this season’s multitude of trends, concentrate on these 5 key pieces for Fall. These pieces add versatility and “trend” to your existing wardrobe.


This Season’s Most Versatile Pieces:


1.      Scarves- Scarves are a very fun wardrobe addition because they offer a fun and sophisticated pop of color to an outfit, and can also be used for the functional purpose of warmth. They can be worn many different ways and look great paired with dresses, jackets, cardigans, and tops.


2.      Jacket or Cardigan- Wardrobe pieces like a jacket or cardigan instantly tie a look together, making you look more put together. Pair a jacket over your favorite summer tank or dress and you’re ready for fall.


3.      Belts- Try wearing a belt at your waist or at the narrowest part of you. Belts help define your shape, add visual interest, and allow you to give wardrobe pieces different looks.


4.      Tights- Tights are an underrated accessory that you will see everywhere this fall. They add pizzazz and style to an outfit. Go bold with a contrasting color, or chic with a tonal patterned tight.


5.      Boots- When you put on a pair of boots you are ready for fall. They are one of the most versatile shoes you can own because you can pair them with skirts, dresses, and pants.

Let Charleston Style Concierge help you build a wardrobe that is versatile and fun for every season. Contact us by visiting

What to Wear This Fall


Join us for a fabulous feminar and discover

how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall.


Wednesday, September 16

 6-8 pm


Mary Mojo Boutique

1405 Ben Sawyer Blvd.



During this feminar you will discover how to:


  • Transition your summer wardrobe into Fall.
  • Make YOUR wardrobe more interesting and versatile.
  • Make Fall trends work best for YOU!
  • Get more miles out of your current pieces with simple accessories.
  • Create one cohesive “year round” wardrobe.
  • And much MORE!


The feminar will be offered by Lee Heyward of Charleston Style Concierge and hosted by Mary Mojo Boutique and The Shoe Fairy


This fun feminar is free of charge. Light refreshments, discounts, and door prizes will be offered. Style experts will be on hand to assist you with any and all things fashionable for Fall!



Click the link below to reserve your space today!







Okay, we all have the little black dress, black power suit or favorite pants. Now, the challenge is wearing them over and over again without telling the world you are wearing them AGAIN! All women, in my opinion, want to be pretty. However, in today’s economy, there is less to spend on the pursuit of style. Style can be effortless. There are ways to enhance and even create the look you want to achieve without overspending. The key is versatility and convertibility in your wardrobe. Jewelry instantly and dramatically changes any outfit. Today there are countless options for jewelry from costume to Cartier. Look for pieces that can be worn multiple ways with various settings. Here are a few tips:
Earrings are great. They come in every shape and size. Don’t be afraid to dangle. Drop earrings are hugely popular and look great any time of day. Many dangles look great at the office, and then look amazing with you hair pulled back at an evening event. I recommend that you stay lightweight or else your gorgeous drops will be a big headache, literally! The perfect earrings can complete a style and the right dangles are ageless. You can find great earrings in every budget. Even you lovely ladies without pierced ears can find clips that look phenomenal!


Necklaces, ooh, la la. You can do so much with a necklace. Necklaces add personal style to any outfit. Long necklaces offer a lot of versatility. They add length (therefore you look thinner, yay!) Beyond the benefit of looking trimmer, they are convertible. Look for pieces that offer multiple looks. Choose necklaces that look good with your power suit and favorite pair of jeans. Many long necklaces can be doubled for a completely different style. Best yet, choose a long necklace that can be worn doubled over and has a removable pendant. That is a jewelry staple that offers versatility and instant style.
alley Christmas9
Bracelets are perfect for quick added color and fun! They fit every budget and can morph to match any ensemble. When you are wearing a dress or shirt that has a neckline or print and you have no necklace that “fits” throw on a fun pair of earrings and a bracelet. Bracelets that are very dainty can get lost on a person in the summer with short or no sleeves. Try a bangle or even two worn together. Just be cautious not to “over stack” and look like you could not make up your mind so you just wore EVERYTHING. There is a fine line between tastefully chic and “bad idea.”
You thought we were done….but, brooches and hair pieces are great accents. Don’t be afraid. Just remember that “fine line.” You may be the lucky girl who has all these in her closet. Just choose carefully and do not wear it all at once. . I challenge you to be creative. Find new ways to change your old favorites. (PS a pair of awesome shoes always help….I find lots of favorites at Susan Michelle Boutique in Mount Pleasant.)
About the Author:
Feel that you may want a quick jewelry in-service? Visit and send me an email. I am Lella Foster, a jewelry artisan in Charleston SC. I love working with clients to make custom pieces that are “perfect” for any outfit or event. I also love creating my own designs. I feel strongly that all women should have the opportunity to feel beautiful and bring out their inner fashionista. I work to make jewelry that is striking but attainable, and can be worn in multiple ways and settings.

Lee Heyward, style expert and owner of Charleston Style Concierge, weighs in on the importance of dressing for success in the workplace.
Watch the segment that aired on the 7 o’clock news.

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