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Don’t shy away from the word shorts just yet. They aren’t simply for the young and the skinny. There are thousands of styles and cuts to choose from to flatter your individual body type.

Similar to our previous blog post, Find the Perfect Bathing Suit to Flatter Your Body Type, finding great shorts can be just as simple with the right tips and strategies.

Look fantastic this spring in the perfect pair of figure friendly shorts by following these effective personal style tips:

·        Plus Size: If you have a larger bottom, wider hips, and larger thighs, find a pair of shorts that fits appropriate to your hip and bottom size. The waist should fit the same way as pants—snug, yet not too tight. Look for shorts with a tailored leg, not a tight fitting or baggy leg. Shorts with a leg that goes halfway down the thigh are perfect for all body types, especially those with shorter legs because this style makes legs appear longer. Knee-length shorts or Bermuda shorts are also excellent for plus size figures because they hide the upper thighs. Since tailored knee-length shorts tend to make legs appear shorter, match them with a heel or wedge to make your legs look longer.

·        Short Legs: Try shorts with a three to five inch inseam (depending on how much thigh you’re trying to cover) to make short legs appear longer. Match with wedges or sandals. These shorts pair well with a tucked-in button down top, and a scarf belt. Visit for a selection of fantastic shorts, scarf belts, and tops.

·        Petite: Shorts with a waistband that sits right above or below the naval are excellent for petit body sizes. A fitted, tucked-in shirt goes extremely well with these shorts. This style is perfect for a warm night out with a pair of pumps or a casual stroll through downtown Charleston during the day with a pair of flats or sandals.

Many shorts can be dressed down or up depending on the pair of shoes, jewelry, and top you pair with them. I suggest finding styles and cuts that can be worn on both a formal and casual occasion. This way you can get the maximum usage out of one pair of shorts and its versatility can match all aspects of your personal lifestyle.



Let Charleston Style Concierge  be your personal shopper in Charleston, SC and help you find the perfect pair of shorts to flatter your body type. Contact us at 843.323.2466 to learn more about our amazing services. Isn’t it time you mastered the art of effortless style?         

It happens to all of us. We stuff our suitcase so we have to sit on it while huffing and puffing to move the zipper inch by inch just to get it to close. And the sad part is, it’s not for a month long trip, it’s for a four day weekend!

Save time, frustration, sweat,  and maybe even some tears when packing for your next four day weekend trip with these five effective packing tips:

1.      Check the weather. It’s important to pack according to the weather forecast. This ensures the items you bring will help you look and feel great during your trip. If there is a possibility of rain, pack your favorite trench and umbrella. Your trench can also act as a versatile layering piece at night or on the plane.

2.      Bring just the right amount of underwear . . . plus one more.  If you’re going on a four day vacation bring five pairs of underwear. And not just any five pairs. Go over the outfits you’ve chosen to bring and pay attention to what style and color panties you need so that you don’t see lines or colors peaking through. For example, if you only have two nude thongs and one outfit that absolutely requires one, make sure you put one aside for that outfit. When deciding on what bras to bring, review the fronts and backs of each outfit to see what style and color bras you need. I suggest purchasing the 100 ways bra from Victoria’s Secret. It’s so versatile—you can literally wear it with anything.

3.      Don’t go shoe happy. Pack footwear based on the weather, types of activities you’ll be participating in during your short vacation, and color scheme of the vacation wardrobe you packed. If you’re going on a sailboat, yacht, or cruise, do you really need your favorite heels? Also, if you plan on walking long distances on your trip, make sure you bring comfortable. Comfort and fashion can go together.

4.      Pack a light cardigan. A neutral colored cardigan can be paired with any outfit. On a chilly night, belt your cardigan over your dress. It can also be a stylish cover up for a windy day at the beach or the perfect cover for your shoulders and arms in a cold restaurant. It’s better to be prepared than suffer through the cold while trying to enjoy a delicious meal.

5.      Don’t go overboard with tons of accessories. Bring a hat to protect your delicate skin from the sun, one pair of sunglasses, two necklaces, two sets of earrings, and two bracelets. Bring pieces of jewelry that can be easily mixed and matched. Jewelry can get heavy, so it’s important to be smart about how much jewelry you bring. Only bring what you know you’re going to wear.


Vacations are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Packing efficiently gets your vacation off to a wonderful start. Now that you have the tips to pack accordingly, it’s time to find the perfect outfits and shoes. Let Charleston Style Concierge be your personal shopper  in Charleston, SC, and help you find the best clothes to fit your individual lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping men and women feel more confident by developing a unique personal style. Contact us  today at 843.323.2466.        

Here in Charleston, SC it’s important to cater your style  around temperature and UV index changes. Before stepping foot outside for a downtown stroll, remember the three spring essentials (in addition to sunscreen) for looking fabulous, while protecting yourself from the sun.


The Three Essentials for a Spring Stroll:


1)  A floppy hat: Protect yourself from the sun while looking fabulous in a chic floppy hat. Wear an SPF lotion on your face, as well, for double protection. When you walk down the street on a hot day, sweat tends to wash away a lot of the SPF you have on, which is why it’s important to have another form of protection. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.



2)  A light scarf: Jazz up a light-colored spring outfit with a bold and colorful scarf.   A light-weight scarf adds color, flare, and texture to your spring outfit and also protects delicate neck skin from the sun. You might be thinking a scarf will make you sweat profusely, but the right feather-weight scarf is airy and light on your skin.




3)  A pair of sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the harsh sun with a pair of chic sunglasses. The combination of the floppy hat, light-weight scarf, and sunglasses is a fantastic look for spring, and can be adapted to your own personal style. No need for make-up—just an SPF lotion on your face, a light dusting of powder, and some mascara will do the trick. 




Need a personal shopper in Charleston, SC? Let Charleston Style Concierge find you the perfect spring essentials to fit your individual lifestyle. We’ll help you improve your personal style and provide you with tips and strategies to have lifelong effortless style. Contact us today at 843.323.2466 to learn about our many services, including closet editing, personal shopping, and personal styling.

Everyone’s body type is different. And let’s face it, there are certain bathing suits that simply don’t flatter certain body types. Every woman should feel confident when hitting the beach, and the type of suit she’s wearing makes a huge difference.


So, which suit is right for you this spring?


  • If you have a plus size figure: Don’t hide behind a cover up the whole time you’re at the beach—find a bathing suit that is flattering to your curves. You’ll be strutting your stuff across the beach in no time with the perfect suit. If you’re looking to control your mid section a bit, while going for the hourglass look, try one piece suits that have a controlled middle. Miraclesuits that are spandex lined are perfect to bring in your mid section, while still expressing your gorgeous curves. If you have a large bottom and are a little shy to show it off, wear a short matching skirt with it to hide your upper thigh and bottom.



  • If you have a long torso: Go for suits with prints and embellishments. Horizontal stripes are great, but avoid vertical stripes—these can make you look too long. Skirted bottoms are also excellent to attract the eye to your hips.
  • If you have a short torso: Match a solid bottom with a printed top to draw the eye to the top of your body. This will make your torso appear longer. Stay generic when choosing bottoms—you don’t want to draw the downward. One piece suits with a low-cut front are perfect for creating the illusion of a long torso and are absolutely sexy. 
  • If you have a petite figure: If you have both a petite bottom and bust try to find suits that make your body appear more curvaceous. For a small bust, a suit with a bit of padding, push up, and adjustable straps is perfect to show off the beautiful curves you already have, plus some. Strapless bandeau tops are also great for those with smaller busts. Try going for a suit with prints as oppose to solid. Solid colors tend to bog down the look of your bust. Wear a bottom with a print to accentuate your curves. If you have a petite waistline a suit with a high-cut thigh-line works great to create the illusion of curves.   


Don’t hide from the beach this spring. Find the right suit for you and show some skin with confidence. If you have trouble finding a bathing suit, let Charleston Style Concierge  help you find the perfect suit to flatter your body type. We are a style consulting company based in Charleston, SC, specializing in personal shopping, closet editing, and personal styling. We provide you with the tips, strategies, and help you need to have effortless and easy style.  Contact us today at 843.323.2466 and see how stress free life can be with a personal stylist.

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