Written by Kelly Tick


Let’s talk about brows, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. I started plucking my brows in college, a late-bloomer you might say. What a difference a good brow makes. I’ve since moved up to waxing and threading with the occasional pluck. And I ALWAYS fill them in.

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of making up models for a fashion show benefiting colon cancer research. I got to work on lots of women, lots of different sorts of women; old, young, all colors, and each in a different state of health. What did I notice (or reaffirm, as it were): brows matter.
Blah, blah, blah they frame the face. It’s true! When properly groomed, brows draw attention to the best parts of the face. They can bring out your eye color; visually lift your eyes (taking away years!), make you look fresher, healthier and well kept. It also makes the application of makeup easier.
But folks, here’s the thing, removing unwanted hairs is only half the battle. The important aspect of brows is in filling in what nature has left us without. Filling in the gaps, patches or the whole kit-n-caboodle. A powder (like Clinique’s Brow Shaper) is great for covering a lot of real estate or if you want a very soft, natural look. A pencil (I love YSL’s and Lancome’s especially for blondes) is going to give you a much more defined look and can come across too harsh if not applied very delicately. My favorite brow product of all? Laura Mercier’s Brow Definer. It’s a waxy cream; softer than a pencil, more defined than a powder, and idiot proof. You use a synthetic, angled brush to apply it and it is gorgeous.
A few final notes to remember: brows should be a couple (two) shades darker than your hair color.
Your hair stylist can color them for you; I highly recommend this for people with hair color that is significantly different from brow color or if you are lacking brows all together.
Remember that your brows are sisters, not twins.

Kelly Tick 

is a freelance makeup artist in Charleston, South Carolina. She worked for years as a makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue and is specifically trained by Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics and Clarins of Paris. She believes that simple techniques and excellent products can transform a person. For more information about Kelly she can help you achieve the look you desire please email 1kellytick@gmail.com.

Written by Kelly Tick
Q. Why am I getting black stuff under the eye even when I’m not wearing eye liner or mascara on the bottom?
A. Black stuff under the eye (when unintended) is annoying. In fact, it ranks right up there in the top most annoying things having to do with makeup. Black stuff under the eye can be caused by several things.

You are not wearing eyeliner on the bottom (yay! brightens the eye, keeping us more fresh looking) and you don’t wear mascara on the bottom, so that means your upstairs eye makeup is falling.
Put on your your moisturizer, then your eye cream and you let them both soak in. A primer might help at this step, it locks in the moisturizers and gives the makeup something to stick to. I love Benifit’s “that gal” brightening face primer. You put primer wherever you are going to put any foundation or concealer. 

Your foundation, goes on first then your concealer, and blend, and blend. What I recommend at this point is taking a fluffy ponytail brush  and dust on the slightest little bit of translucent powder or secret brightening powder by Laura Mercier, right under your lower lash line, but NOT any farther (one wouldn’t want the powder to settle into any, ah-hem, fine lines). This will help keep your eyes smudge free. You can also use the powder on chin, nose and forehead to reduce shine.

Make sure your upstairs mascara is fresh; old crusty mascara will start to flake and small flakes will end up on your lower lid and start the smudgy sludge. No one wants that. Mascara should be used no longer than three months. 

Okay, not to sound like your mom but…. Don’t touch your face! Hands down, face touching is the worst thing ever for makeup! Your eyes will smudge your cheeks will disappear, your pimples will reappear. Hands must stay below the jaw.  It’ll keep you stay healthier too. If you’re not touching your face you can’t bring the germs from your hands up to your nose, mouth and eyes. 
Lastly, you just have to make a point to take a look in the mirror every couple of hours or so and clean the area up, even if the above tricks work. Keep in mind that makeup is not an art that remains beautiful without attention all day.
Generally speaking, the skin turns over new cells on the face every four hours. That means by the end of every four hour period your makeup needs attention. It’s a good idea to check your face to check for other things anyway (eye boogers, cave dwellers, spinach in teeth etc.)

I hope this helps. Remember: primer, foundation, conceal, light powder, no touching!
Kelly Tick is a freelance makeup artist in Charleston, South Carolina. She worked for years as a makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue and is specifically trained by Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics and Clarins of Paris. She believes that simple techniques and excellent products can transform a person.

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Written by Kelly Tick



Great clothes with visible panty lines are like makeup on neglected skin. That’s right, skincare is like your make up’s undies. You probably wouldn’t go out of the house without a bra on, try to think of your skincare routine in the same way.


Our skin changes all through our lives; hormones, stress, weather, climate, all have an effect on our skin. Proper cleansing, and moisturization are crucial to making our skin look it’s best. Finding a good dermatologist is also essential. They can help with correcting damage (I just had two post baby sun-spots frozen off in the office for $20!) and they can recommend treatments such as Obagi or Retin-A to smooth and soften the skin. 


Regardless of what kind of skin you inherited, many problems can be corrected or controlled. Sometimes in a simple, straight-forward way, sometimes in a counter-intuitive way. Take for example oily skin: you hate it because you break out and make-up slides off. Well, for one thing take heart, you ain’t gonna wrinkle easily. Finding the right products for your skin and following the routine will be essential.


Maybe you deal with dry skin. Dry skin is lucky because it doesn’t usually suffer breakouts like our non-wrinkling oily peers. Dry skin sometimes requires several levels of help. You’ll want to make sure you’re cleansing gently and moisturizing well; I love Laura Mercier’s Emu oil cream.


For all of us eye cream is a must. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and prone to showing and telling. When we  sleep poorly, drink too much, cry into our pillow all night- our under-eye area tells the tale. Using an eye cream everyday will help to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles and the pressure you use to apply the cream helps to reduce puffiness.


Here’s wishing you gorgeous, glowing skin!


Kelly Tick is a freelance makeup artist in Charleston, South Carolina. She worked for years as a makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue and is specifically trained by Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics and Clarins of Paris. She believes that simple techniques and excellent products can transform a person.

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