I am very honored and excited to be part of an exciting teleconference with Hills of Africa to help take the stress out of packing for a vacation to Africa. I invite you to check out my guest blog from Live the Magic of Africa to get some packing tips for your own upcoming trip.
Blog written for and taken from Live the Magic of Africa.
Preparing for a vacation to Africa should be exciting, not stressful. But how can you eliminate the stress of packing if you’re unsure of what to pack for a safari? And with all of the packing regulations on charter flights and luggage weight restrictions, how can you avoid the stress of packing that seems nearly impossible to eliminate?
These and other questions will be answered on a special, one-hour teleseminar, What to Pack for an African Safari Vacation. But to give you a little taste of what you can expect on this call, we’ve invited the co-host of this call, Lee Heyward, to guest blog on 5 Packing Tips for an African Safari Vacation.
Below is Lee’s guest post:
Your trip to Africa might require a more minimal and casual wardrobe than you are used to, but it can give you a great opportunity to portray your sense of style in a new and different way.
No matter where you travel you don’t have to loose your sense of style, you just have to be sure your style is practical, appropriate, and comfortable for the activities of your trip.

How to Look and Feel Great in Africa:

Athleta Top

1. Fuse stylish details into your casual clothing.
Your trip to Africa will mostly require casual clothing. Choose casual pieces with stylish details to keep you feeling stylish and chic.
This moisture wicking top from Athleta offers interesting seaming and ruching, a great way to take on a safari in style.
2. Wear natural or wicking fabrics.
Natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or silk are very breathable which will help you stay cool and comfortable on your trip. Wicking fabrics are engineered to wick moisture away from your skin.
3. Make your clothes work double duty.
With strict luggage weight limits you need stylish clothing that works double duty. As you pack consider how many ways you can wear something. Remember, you can always do laundry so your item stays fresh

Athleta Top

and comfortable. This structured shirt offers maximum versatility in both function and technology. It is made of a wicking fabric that also contains SPF protection. Use it as a bathing suit cover up, sun protection on a safari, or a chic travel piece on the plane.
4. Choose color wisely.
We are all drawn to certain colors, but your favorite red shirt is not going to work in Africa. The last thing you want is to miss out on a photograph of the one animal you came to see because the color of your shirt distracted it. Choose the colors that you wear wisely. The best color choices for your Africa trip are ones that are found in nature. Think greens, browns, and khaki. If these colors don’t excite you, remember that every color comes in different shades. Hold up different shades of each color to find the one that makes you feel your best.
This wrap is not only the perfect color but offers versatility. Wear it day or night, and pair it with a camisole for a chic safari look.

Athleta Top

5. Leave your animal print at home.

As tempting as it may be to bring along your best safari chic pieces, leave the animal print at home. In Africa your animal print wardrobe looses the chic and just becomes cliché.
About Lee
Lee Heyward is a style coach and owner of Charleston Style Concierge, LLC, a company which specializes in teaching women how to achieve easy and effortless style. Lee works with clients one-on-one, virtually, and hosts monthly seminars. Lee believes anyone can have great style with a little knowledge and an open mind. Charleston Style Concierge is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

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It happens to all of us. We stuff our suitcase so we have to sit on it while huffing and puffing to move the zipper inch by inch just to get it to close. And the sad part is, it’s not for a month long trip, it’s for a four day weekend!

Save time, frustration, sweat,  and maybe even some tears when packing for your next four day weekend trip with these five effective packing tips:

1.      Check the weather. It’s important to pack according to the weather forecast. This ensures the items you bring will help you look and feel great during your trip. If there is a possibility of rain, pack your favorite trench and umbrella. Your trench can also act as a versatile layering piece at night or on the plane.

2.      Bring just the right amount of underwear . . . plus one more.  If you’re going on a four day vacation bring five pairs of underwear. And not just any five pairs. Go over the outfits you’ve chosen to bring and pay attention to what style and color panties you need so that you don’t see lines or colors peaking through. For example, if you only have two nude thongs and one outfit that absolutely requires one, make sure you put one aside for that outfit. When deciding on what bras to bring, review the fronts and backs of each outfit to see what style and color bras you need. I suggest purchasing the 100 ways bra from Victoria’s Secret. It’s so versatile—you can literally wear it with anything.

3.      Don’t go shoe happy. Pack footwear based on the weather, types of activities you’ll be participating in during your short vacation, and color scheme of the vacation wardrobe you packed. If you’re going on a sailboat, yacht, or cruise, do you really need your favorite heels? Also, if you plan on walking long distances on your trip, make sure you bring comfortable. Comfort and fashion can go together.

4.      Pack a light cardigan. A neutral colored cardigan can be paired with any outfit. On a chilly night, belt your cardigan over your dress. It can also be a stylish cover up for a windy day at the beach or the perfect cover for your shoulders and arms in a cold restaurant. It’s better to be prepared than suffer through the cold while trying to enjoy a delicious meal.

5.      Don’t go overboard with tons of accessories. Bring a hat to protect your delicate skin from the sun, one pair of sunglasses, two necklaces, two sets of earrings, and two bracelets. Bring pieces of jewelry that can be easily mixed and matched. Jewelry can get heavy, so it’s important to be smart about how much jewelry you bring. Only bring what you know you’re going to wear.


Vacations are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Packing efficiently gets your vacation off to a wonderful start. Now that you have the tips to pack accordingly, it’s time to find the perfect outfits and shoes. Let Charleston Style Concierge be your personal shopper  in Charleston, SC, and help you find the best clothes to fit your individual lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping men and women feel more confident by developing a unique personal style. Contact us  today at 843.323.2466.        

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