Does your tall stature make it difficult to find outfits that are perfect for you? If so, don’t lose hope—with the right style tips and strategies, you’ll find outfits that are complimentary to your individual lifestyle. The important thing to remember is: great style can be achieved by everyone. It’s not about the latest trends or the perfect figure—it’s about clothes that fit your body perfectly and make you feel confident.

Tips for the tall:

·        Ask about back stock: During a shopping outing, if you don’t see the pants you like in a long, make sure to inquire about back stock. Since many retail stores tend to receive a fairly large stock of merchandise, they don’t necessarily put all of one product out on the floor. This is why it’s important to ask a sales clerk if they will check in the back to see if there are any more longs in stock. Often, stores such as Banana Republic can ship you a long from another store location, or you can purchase a long from the online store.

·        Only purchase clothes that fit: When frustration sets in, do not submit. The key to great style is the perfect fit. Wearing clothes that don’t fit correctly won’t compliment your body type and will therefore make you feel less confident. Once you find the perfect fit you will naturally radiate great style and confidence.

·        Pay close attention to the hem: When purchasing shirts or pants, be sure to check the length of the hem on sleeves and pant legs. Hems can be adjusted if need be, but there must be enough hem to allow adjustment for a tailor. For example, if you try on a pair of pants that are a bit too short, look at the hem to see if you can take it out an inch or two. If so, the pants are fair game to purchase. Just make sure the waistline also fits perfectly. By using the hem as an option to lengthen pants, you can more easily find outfits that fit right for you, as oppose to simply purchasing pants that are already the perfect length—something almost impossible to find.   

·        Remember to bring your heel: If you’re planning to wear a heel with pants, bring or wear the heel to the store to make sure the pants will be long enough—you don’t want your pants to high-water.

·        Don’t forget about dresses: If you ever have trouble finding pants, dresses are another excellent option for many occasions. When the weather gets a bit chillier, instead of pants, opt for a maxi dress. These long dresses look great on tall figures and cover legs to hold in more warmth.


Although many stores do carry long pants, Charleston Style Concierge’s top four accommodating stores include J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, and Ann Taylor, as well as numerous department stores. These stores frequently carry longer lengths, but also have excellent online stores to help you easily order the pants you love with the length you need.

Don’t go another day dressing against your personal style. Acquiring the necessary tools, tips, and knowledge to achieve effortless style for the rest of your life will have you feeling confident about your personal image. Let Charleston Style Concierge eliminate the struggle and stress of finding the perfect outfit to fit your body type. Our personalized and tailored style services are designed to fit each client’s individual needs and specific lifestyle. Contact us today at 843.323.2466. Isn’t it time you felt confident about your personal style?

Do you lack confidence in your style, yourself, or your body? Maybe you feel you dress too old for your age or your business attire isn’t as professional as you’d like it to be. Whatever the case, a dose of style can bring a sense of hope and confidence back into your life.

A style consultation that is both extremely educational and enjoyable is an invaluable resource and can change your life forever. A result-driven personal stylist teaches you everything you need to know about acquiring effortless style that’s tailored to fit your individual lifestyle and body. The result? A style that makes you feel confident and happy.

It’s easy to feel down when you believe that you lack the “tasteful style gene.” It is a challenge to have great style if you never know what to wear to make your body look great, or have no clue where to go to find flattering outfits. Throw this negative attitude away and make a change.

Feeling better about your style doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The key is starting small. Here are some tips to get you started:

1.     Start by thinking about who you are, your lifestyle, and the style you desire. Do you work in an office, from home, or in a store? What activities do you do in your leisure time? Is your style holding you back from enjoying activities with friends?  Getting to know yourself and what you want to express through your style is a key element in transforming your appearance and mindset. If you’re going to create the style you desire, you must be honest with yourself and understand what it is that you want to change or improve. To move forward, you must confront the past. Remember that with the right tools, anyone can have great style.

2.     Learn about your body shape to discover what clothing shapes and cuts are most flattering for your body. The key is finding the right fit and remembering that you have control over your clothing. You can make minor tweaks and changes to get a perfect fit. You don’t have to accept clothing straight off the rack. If your hips make finding trousers a royal pain, don’t just settle for wearing skirts. Fit the largest part of you and have a tailor take in the places that are too big. Once you know the tricks to dressing your body shopping will become easier and you will start to develop the style you desire. If you’re not sure what size you are or what styles and shapes fit your body the best, ask a trusted friend or an expert stylist to help you find the perfect outfits that compliment your body type and lifestyle.  

3.     Look through your wardrobe to learn more about your style. Your closet will tell you what you actually wear, the styles you like, and pieces you are missing to complete a look. If you’re not inspired by your closet, tear out pictures from magazines or take note of women you see on the street.  You’ll start to discover patterns including what colors, materials, and sizes you often wear or like. Once you identify a steady pattern, analyze the elements that frequently appear in your wardrobe and classify the characteristics you like and dislike. Use this information to help you find a personal style that you truly love. Ask a close friend to provide you with an outsider’s perspective and some objective advice. For professional guidance, contact a trusted style expert.


Don’t live your life any longer feeling down about yourself and your personal image. Acquiring the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve effortless style for the rest of your life will bring you hope and have you feeling confident about yourself. Let Charleston Style Concierge introduce you to a new and rejuvenating way of life. Our personalized and tailored services are designed to fit each client’s individual needs and specific lifestyle. Contact us today at 843.323.2466. Isn’t it time you brought some hope back to your style?

Do you think your image doesn’t matter?  Close your eyes and picture yourself in the produce isle of the grocery store, choosing apples.  Without any real thought you pick up one apple after the other until you find the perfect one.  Some of those apples may be bruised or old, but some of the ones you discarded simply had an image that negatively impacted you.  Lucky for us, we can be aware of our image and make changes that ensure we put our best foot forward each and every day.


No matter your profession, age, or where you are going, image always matters.  Like it or not, in our society we only get seconds to make a first impression.  In that very brief time period people make split decisions and judgments about you that are hard to undo. 


A big part of the image you portray comes from the clothing you wear.  Coco Chanel said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  Wearing clothing that fits well, is age-appropriate, and shows your unique style will help you portray the image you desire.    


What is your clothing saying about you?  If you’re not sure, Charleston Style Concierge can help.  Sign up for our monthly ezine and shape up your image with FREE style tips and tricks.

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It is hard to explain why Lee is so brilliant at what she does because it is almost like magic. She pierces through your personality and reflects who you are in what you wear. She does not just pick out great clothes – she picks an outwardly appearance that creates a comfort zone while also allowing the world to see the real you.

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Working with Lee has dramatically increased my revenue, not because of what I’m wearing but because of how I show up when I am dressed like my future self.

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When I reflect on who I was before working with Lee, I see that everything about me was a muted version of who I am today. And thanks to Lee’s incredible gift, I’m me. I now show up every single day: as the thought-leader Lee helped me dress to become (and be).

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Lee had a surprising way about her that uncovered my deeper self, my reason for being, and encoded it onto my wardrobe like a symbol—a moment-by-moment reminder of who I am, and what I’m here to do. Her brilliance crept up on me; I didn’t realize it was her behind the changes in my life until months afterwards. Now, I am able to approach everything I do from a place of power.

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Lee brings to life a vision bigger than I imagined. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on my personal brand, photo shoot strategy, and the brand experience of events for my non-profit. Through each piece she’s helped me grow as a leader and an organization. I love having her on my team.

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