Last week during a closet edit I made over 40 “NEW” outfits using what was already in someone’s closet. Every closet I go in has more potential than it’s owner can see.
The trick to shaking things up in your closet is playing dress up. Walk into your closet and force yourself to find an outfit you’ve never worn before. An easy way to do this is to pretend like you’re putting an outfit together for someone else. It takes the “I could never wear that” feeling out of the equation.
Dress up is a powerful exercise. (And a common occurrence in my house.) You played dress up completely uninhibited as a kid and wore only what you liked and what made you feel fun. Here’s the secret…It’s the same thing as an adult. Read on to learn the formula for putting together the perfect outfit.
Dress up! Have fun! And here’s to your style!

If you have a narrow calf it can be hard to find boots

that don’t feel huge around your calf.

Follow some simple rules when shopping, and you can avoid the head-ache, and any future dis-content with your boots!

Shopping Tips:

– Start by measuring the circumference of your calf and then search for boots with a similar calf circumference.

{Rely on sites like and}

(samples selected below from these sites)

-Don’t forget to read reviews.

-Feedback from others can also help you decipher the fit of a potential purchase.

Just found out you are expecting,

or a few-months in and looking to spice up your maternity wardrobe?

A couple years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I remember wondering if designers who make maternity clothes think women quit their jobs immediately upon hearing they are pregnant in order to sit at home in casual frocks eating bon-bons.

Seriously people! ……Being pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t want to look chic and professional. 

Here are some closet additions to keep your pregnancy wardrobe versatile, professional, and fun!

Click here for quick links to purchase:

1. A Pea in the Pod Pants

2. Isabella Oliver: Easy to throw on Dress

3. A Pea in the Pod Top

4.Isabella Oliver: A-line Skirt 

5. Rosie Pope: sweater

6. Isabella Oliver: Everyday Blazer

7. Olian: Dress

8. A Pea in the Pod: Sweater


1.     You don’t have to spend a lot on clothes to look like you’ve spent a lot.


2.     Dark colors will always look more authoritative.


3.     Classics are classics for a reason.


4.     Fit is key. You can’t have style without great fit.


5.     Dressing appropriately is like having good manners.


6.     Nobody sees the label.


7.     Quality is more important than quantity.


8.     When in doubt, dress up.


9.     Confidence will come from what you wear.


10. Clothes don’t make the person. (But they can help you fake it till you make it.)




Don’t let your image hold you back from accomplishing what you want in life. Perfect your business image, and reap the rewards of a more confident and successful you. If you need help creating an image that makes you feel confident and propels you to success visit

I do not believe in going into debt for fashion, or that you have to spend tons of money to have great style.  I do believe that looking at price tags before trying something on can cause you to spend more money. 


The first thing you do while shopping is look at the price tag.  Usually that price tag tells you it is okay to try something on, the item is a great deal, or it will cause you to put the item away wishing you were an instant lottery winner.  The last two cause havoc in your closet and will ultimately cause you to spend more money.


The next time you are shopping try on this new mindset about price and you will discover that you make much smarter purchases and wardrobe investments.


·        When you come across a great deal, proceed with caution.  Don’t let the allure of a deal throw out your good judgment about fit, versatility, and need.  If something doesn’t fit or won’t work for your lifestyle, don’t buy it.  Practice only spending money on items that suit all of your style needs.


·        When something is out of your budget don’t put it back and wait for the depression to set in.  Try it on.  The more expensive item could be a better investment than the multiple deals you continue to buy.  For example, the perfect fitting pants can be hard to find.  You go from store to store settling on pants that kind of fit.  They allow you to leave the house fully clothed but are not the best fit. You’ve now bought 4 pairs of imperfect black pants and have spent $200.  The expensive pair that you would have never tried on are also $200 and fit like a glove.  These are the better investment, and you no longer waste time looking for the perfect black pant.


·        Until you try something on and determine it is right for your personal style, price doesn’t matter.  Decide if an item fits and will work in your wardrobe, then think about whether or not it is worth the price tag.  I always recommend clients stay within their budget but remind them to calculate the cost per wear for items they purchase.


·        Don’t let discount price tags sidetrack you from your shopping mission.  If you are looking for clothing that helps you create a more put together image for an upcoming meeting, a super cute casual dress that is on sale isn’t going to get you to that meeting with professional style.

      Learn how to make smart clothing investments the next time you go shopping by signing up for Charleston Style Concierge’s free ezine, Get Great Style.

When buying a new wardrobe piece, determine its versatility by calculating its cost per wear.  Cost per wear is the original cost of an item divided by the number of times or ways it can be worn. 


Let’s say you find the perfect trench coat for $300.  It is classic in design and neutral in color.  This coat can be worn all year round and will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.  During that year, even if you only wear it twice a month, its cost per wear would be $12.50.


Cost Per Wear:  $300 Trench Coat/ 24 Times Worn = $12.50 Per Wear


Cost per wear is a helpful tool during the allure of a killer sale.  A $60 top on sale that you can only wear twice might not be such a great deal.  That top has a cost per wear of $30 and won’t help you figure out what to wear on a daily basis.


Calculating cost per wear is often thought of as an advertising tool to get people to spend more money that they normally would be comfortable doing.  For me, it just makes good sense.  It forces me to analyze the versatility of each item I buy to determine if it will be a good investment for my personal style, lifestyle, and wardrobe.

Charleston Style Concierge believes in the importance of creating a versatile wardrobe.  Contact Charleston Style Concierge to get great versatile style.


Do you think your image doesn’t matter?  Close your eyes and picture yourself in the produce isle of the grocery store, choosing apples.  Without any real thought you pick up one apple after the other until you find the perfect one.  Some of those apples may be bruised or old, but some of the ones you discarded simply had an image that negatively impacted you.  Lucky for us, we can be aware of our image and make changes that ensure we put our best foot forward each and every day.


No matter your profession, age, or where you are going, image always matters.  Like it or not, in our society we only get seconds to make a first impression.  In that very brief time period people make split decisions and judgments about you that are hard to undo. 


A big part of the image you portray comes from the clothing you wear.  Coco Chanel said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  Wearing clothing that fits well, is age-appropriate, and shows your unique style will help you portray the image you desire.    


What is your clothing saying about you?  If you’re not sure, Charleston Style Concierge can help.  Sign up for our monthly ezine and shape up your image with FREE style tips and tricks.

·        Sleeve Length  Long sleeves on a shirt should stop just below your wrist bone.  If you are wearing a jacket or blazer the sleeve should stop right in the middle of the meaty part of your thumb.

·        Sloppy Shoulders  Shoulder seams  on a garment should be AT your shoulder. A common fit problem is a shoulder seam that hits below the shoulder, causing a sloppy ill fitting look.

·        Jacket Length  If the fit of your jacket is the wrong length it can distort the way your body looks. For example, a jacket that is too long will make your legs look shorter, making you look shorter.  A good rule of thumb is for your jackets to be no longer than a few inches below your hip bone.

·        Shirt Gaps  A button front shirt should not pull or gap.  If you have a larger chest this is probably a common fit problem for you.  Buy the size that fits your chest.  If the rest of the shirt is too big, a tailor can size it down for you.

·        Pant Length  Hem your pants to be ¾ of an inch from the ground helping give you a long and lean leg line.

·        Waistband Gap  This is a very common problem for curvy women.  The gap in the back of your waistband can be taken in by your tailor.  Buy your pants to fit the widest part of you and take in the waist.

·        Mind Your Rise  The fit of the crotch, or rise, of a pant can make or break your look.  If you get a lot of pulling and wrinkling across your crotch, your pants are too small.  If you get a lot of excess fabric around the crotch area your pants are too big.

·        Uneven Skirt Hem  Your skirt should have the same length hem all the way around.  The curve of our bum can hike up the back of a skirt.  Make sure you look at yourself in a mirror from front and behind to combat this fit problem.  Consult your tailor and discuss letting the hem out in the back of the skirt or shortening the front.


Remember that great fit is the first step to having great style.  Everyone has one fit challenge so discover how to combat yours.  For help determining proper fit for your body contact Charleston Style Concierge.

Do you envy the woman who always looks stylish and put together no matter what?  You know the woman, the one who looks like she spent hours getting ready with a stylist and tailor at the ready.  You will be surprised to find out that many of your style icons (I’m talking real world style icons.  Your co-worker, the neighbor, your best friend.) are able to get dressed in minutes with minimal effort, and look fabulous. 



Get effortless style.


A Perfect Fit.  Without fit you have no style.  A trendy blazer that is too big will look shlumpy and outdated.  The same blazer too small makes appears as if you are trying too hard, and will remove the chic sophistication from an outfit.  Learn about your body type and dress it appropriately.  It is sometimes hard to see our bodies for how they really are.  Get advice from a personal stylist or ask a trusted friend to help you examine the fit of your clothing.


Embrace Your Personal Style.  Stylish women own their look and exude confidence because of it.  Take note of the style and type of clothing that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.  This is your personal style.  If the trendy item of the month doesn’t fit your personal style, it will just look silly on you.  Find a style that makes you feel sexy, confident, and proud.  Then embrace it, that’s your style, and what makes you unique.

Flaunt your Assets.  The put-together women of the world know what their best and worst body features are.  Nobody is perfect, and everyone has at least one hang up about their body.  Stop dwelling on the parts you don’t like and flaunt the parts you do.  As you study how to play up certain assets you will learn how to downplay you least favorite body parts, and stop worrying about them.
Create a Versatile Wardrobe.  French women are a great example of how chic a versatile wardrobe can be.  Walk the streets of Paris and you will find women who put together fabulous outfits with fewer pieces than hang on your husband’s side of the closet.  Examine your lifestyle and then purchase wardrobe pieces that can be mixed and matched to make different outfits.
Accessorize.  Accessories are one of the most important parts of your outfit.  The right accessory is the missing link between you and your style icon.  Learn to accessorize with unique pieces that compliment an outfit.  Add pizzazz to a boring outfit with a colored shoe.  Carry a handbag in a pseudo-neutral color like purple, pink, or burgundy.  It goes with everything and will save you time from changing back and forth.
 Effortless style isn’t just for celebrities.  Change how long it takes you to get dressed and feel good every time you walk out the door.  For help creating your effortless style contact the Charleston Style Concierge.


(CNN) – The presidential inauguration party tops the list of formal affairs next January, and President-elect Barack Obama is rumored to be preparing for his big event: He’s believed to have ordered a simple and classic black tuxedo by the union-friendly suburban Illinois-designer Hart Schaffner Marx, a stylist to which the president-elect is said to be faithful, according to the Los Angeles Times.
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