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Filled with old-world charm, unique character, and charisma, it’s no wonder Charleston, South Carolina is famous for being one of the most spectacular cities in the nation. In addition to its deeply rooted history and historical ambiance, Charleston boasts a certain style among its people.

For centuries, Charleston style has been shaped and molded by society, climate influences, and its casual, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Charleston style encompasses comfort and class with ample room for individual style preferences and personalities to shine through.

Whether living in or visiting Charleston, you’re outfit should make you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t try to change your style to fit into a cookie-cutter description of Charleston style because you won’t feel comfortable and confident—you’ll feel and appear the exact opposite.

No matter where you live or where you travel, it’s important to be true to yourself with your style and add regional influences that compliment your personality.

So how can you add a hint of Charleston style to your wardrobe?

·        Dress for comfort: When dressing for Charleston, it’s important to check the weather forecast. Since Charleston has varying weather patterns throughout seasons, it’s vital that you’re prepared to weather whatever it is Charleston throws your way. For the most part, Charleston’s hot and humid weather calls for flowy sundresses, walking shorts, and light skirts. Since Charleston tends to be hot and humid, tight fitting outfits aren’t going to let your body breath, which is why lighter materials, and form complimenting cuts are a must. When checking the weather, remember to view the humidity levels, chance of rain, and wind factor. Why wind factor? You don’t want your flowy skirt to fly up spontaneously, do you?

·        Dress for Charleston’s world-famous character: Charleston style is a combination of attire that is both casual and sophisticated. When dressing for a stroll down the battery, or a shopping excursion through King St., don’t wear pumps, or thick sneakers, wear comfortable, open sandals that you feel confident in. Find a pair of sandals that have a unique pattern, such as a braided band, or a fun color that compliments your outfit. When finding the perfect dress to wear downtown, it’s quite simple: look for a dress that fits comfortably and boasts a classy look. Light, cotton sundresses are perfect for walking through the city and reflect just the right amount of comfort and style.

·        Dress for you: You’re not going to look or feel great if you’re not wearing something that is comfortable for you and allows your personality to shine through. Although there is a certain Charleston style, no one dresses the same. Everyone has their own, unique spin on the Charleston style, which is what makes dressing in Charleston so much fun. With that said, wear what’s comfortable for you. Whether you’re more comfortable wearing shorts or more comfortable wearing dresses, you’ll look and feel fantastic in Charleston.


Now that you know the Charleston style, it’s time to find the perfect outfit. Let Charleston Style Concierge be your personal shopper  in Charleston, SC, and help you find clothes that are comfortable, sophisticated, and fit your individual personality. Charleston Style Concierge is dedicated to helping women feel more confident by developing a unique personal style. Contact us  today at 843.323.2466.   

Does your tall stature make it difficult to find outfits that are perfect for you? If so, don’t lose hope—with the right style tips and strategies, you’ll find outfits that are complimentary to your individual lifestyle. The important thing to remember is: great style can be achieved by everyone. It’s not about the latest trends or the perfect figure—it’s about clothes that fit your body perfectly and make you feel confident.

Tips for the tall:

·        Ask about back stock: During a shopping outing, if you don’t see the pants you like in a long, make sure to inquire about back stock. Since many retail stores tend to receive a fairly large stock of merchandise, they don’t necessarily put all of one product out on the floor. This is why it’s important to ask a sales clerk if they will check in the back to see if there are any more longs in stock. Often, stores such as Banana Republic can ship you a long from another store location, or you can purchase a long from the online store.

·        Only purchase clothes that fit: When frustration sets in, do not submit. The key to great style is the perfect fit. Wearing clothes that don’t fit correctly won’t compliment your body type and will therefore make you feel less confident. Once you find the perfect fit you will naturally radiate great style and confidence.

·        Pay close attention to the hem: When purchasing shirts or pants, be sure to check the length of the hem on sleeves and pant legs. Hems can be adjusted if need be, but there must be enough hem to allow adjustment for a tailor. For example, if you try on a pair of pants that are a bit too short, look at the hem to see if you can take it out an inch or two. If so, the pants are fair game to purchase. Just make sure the waistline also fits perfectly. By using the hem as an option to lengthen pants, you can more easily find outfits that fit right for you, as oppose to simply purchasing pants that are already the perfect length—something almost impossible to find.   

·        Remember to bring your heel: If you’re planning to wear a heel with pants, bring or wear the heel to the store to make sure the pants will be long enough—you don’t want your pants to high-water.

·        Don’t forget about dresses: If you ever have trouble finding pants, dresses are another excellent option for many occasions. When the weather gets a bit chillier, instead of pants, opt for a maxi dress. These long dresses look great on tall figures and cover legs to hold in more warmth.


Although many stores do carry long pants, Charleston Style Concierge’s top four accommodating stores include J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, and Ann Taylor, as well as numerous department stores. These stores frequently carry longer lengths, but also have excellent online stores to help you easily order the pants you love with the length you need.

Don’t go another day dressing against your personal style. Acquiring the necessary tools, tips, and knowledge to achieve effortless style for the rest of your life will have you feeling confident about your personal image. Let Charleston Style Concierge eliminate the struggle and stress of finding the perfect outfit to fit your body type. Our personalized and tailored style services are designed to fit each client’s individual needs and specific lifestyle. Contact us today at 843.323.2466. Isn’t it time you felt confident about your personal style?

Personal Style..It’s Closer Than You Think
For this month’s style issue we sat down with Lee Heyward, style expert and owner of Charleston Style Concierge, to find out how to get great style.
Pink: As a personal stylist, what is the one fashion mistake you see people
make most often?
Lee: Wearing clothing that does not fit properly. No matter how “on-trend”
something is, if it doesn’t fit, it isn’t stylish. I think as women, we struggle to
accept our bodies as they are. The best advice I can give is to embrace the body you have and learn how to dress according to its shape.
Pink: Coco Chanel said that fashion is like architecture. Do you agree?
Lee: Yes, fashion is all about proportion and fit. What’s great is that
you can manipulate proportion and fit to create the most flattering look for
your body. For example, if you are pear shaped you can disguise your hips by wearing trousers that create a straight line from your hip to the ground. Your eye is then drawn to the narrowest part of you, your waist. Using tricks like that can completely make over your figure just by changing your pants.
Pink: You speak a lot about having easy and effortless style. Is that
really possible?
Lee: Absolutely. Easy and effortless style is best achieved by simply editing
your closet. Typically, we wear only 20% of the clothing we own. That means you stare at 80% of your clothing each morning never wanting to wear it. A closet edit teaches you how to create a versatile wardrobe that allows you to get dressed quickly and easily. You should be able to get dressed in ten minutes or less.
Pink: What advice would you give someone feeling the pressure of finding
the perfect outfit for a special event?
Lee: First, start in your closet. Remind yourself of the options you already
have. You may not have the perfect dress, but an inventory of what you own will keep you from buying duplicate accessories or shoes when you’re feeling pressed for time. Look for classic styles that can be worn again with a change of accessories. You can also enlist the help of a stylist. A stylist can help you find an outfit that will be versatile for multiple occasions and look great on your body type.
Pink: Do you mean hire a stylist to shop with you? Isn’t that mainly for
the rich and famous?
Lee: Using a stylist to help you shop is a great investment. A stylist will
help you select styles you may not have considered before. Plus, she will teach you to make multiple outfits with just a few pieces. For example, when I shop with a client, I bring along my digital camera to take pictures of the outfits we put together. This way when the client gets home and is on her own, she is
reminded of all the outfit options we put together.
Pink: Is personal shopping the only service available through Charleston
Style Concierge?
Lee: No, we can help through our Virtual Style Consultation. In addition,
each month I teach a teleseminar on a different style topic. These seminars give you great information over the phone from the comfort of your house.
To learn more about Lee Heyward please visit
www.charlestonstyleconcierge.com. Charleston Style Concierge is
a personal styling company committed to making women feel more
confident through the development of a unique personal style.

Read more from Pink’s fabulous June issue at http://www.itsallpink.com.

Imagine having a closet full of clothing you truly love. The only challenge to getting dressed would be deciding which fabulous outfit to wear. Getting dressed would be quick and easy, and you would feel great every time you walked out the door.


All of this is possible if you adopt a love it or leave it attitude. It is easy to be seduced by price, styles that you love but that won’t work for your body type, friendly encouragement from sales people, and numerous other factors. As you shop for wardrobe additions or as you edit your closet, you must be ruthless. If you don’t love something, you’re never going to be happy wearing it. Give it away, or leave it at the store!

5 Things Each Piece of Your Clothing Should Have


1.                The fit makes you feel great about your figure.

2.                The price does not affect your desire to buy it.

3.                It makes you feel confident and unique.

4.                It can be used to create many different outfits.

5.                It has special details that speak to your personal style.




The key element to complimenting your body type is wearing clothes that create balance. Whether you’re smaller on the top, bigger on the bottom, or fall somewhere in between, it’s important to understand the power of fabric colors, textures, and sizes, when finding a figure-flattering dress.

For people with  . . .

·        Curvaceous Hips: It’s important to balance out your body shape, since those with curvy hips tend to be larger on the bottom than the top. Balance can be achieved by wearing a dress that has a wide V-neck, boat neck, or off-the-shoulder top. Try to stay away from dresses that have bulky fabric at the bottom. This will add even more curve to your hips and draw attention away from the top portion of your body. A pencil skirt matched with a wide V-neck top will also flatter curvy hips. Also, wearing lighter, floral, or vibrant colored tops and dark colored bottoms will equalize your look.


·        Petite: Go for slim fitting dresses and skirts if you have a petite body. Anything baggy works against your look, making you appear lost in the material. Also, matching a slim fitting top and high-waist skirt (that comes above the naval) is the perfect combination for petite figures. To appear taller in your spring dress, trade in flats for espadrilles or strappy heels. Another way to create the illusion of height is to wear a pencil skirt. They’re slender, which adds length to your body.

·        A Larger Bust: Wearing dark colored tops and light colored bottoms will create a balanced look for those who are well-endowed. Also, look for dresses that allow a small amount of cleavage to peak through. A little cleavage can go a long way. It’s important to find dresses that fit appropriately on top. If you wear a dress that is too tight on top, you’ll start to bulge in numerous directions. Bulge can also happen if you are wearing the wrong bra size. Experts say women should be sized for their bust area every six months, as there can be slight fluctuations in weight, hormones, and body shape. A full-coverage, proper-sized bra will hold you in, while still showing a little skin.

·        PlusSize: Tailored dresses that glide along the shape of the body are perfect for plus-size figures. They’re not too snug and not too baggy. Materials that are too stretchy or thin will fall on unwanted bulges, so it’s important to look for dresses that have a thin lining. Also, look for dresses that are darker in hue since they tend to make larger figures look slimmer. Again, every aspect of the dress should graze the skin, not snuggly hug it.


Now that you know what types of dresses flatter your body type, it’s time to find the perfect dress and shoes. Let Charleston Style Concierge be your personal shopper  in Charleston, SC, and help you find the best clothes to fit your individual lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping men and women feel more confident by developing a unique personal style. Contact us  today at 843.323.2466.   


For more tips on dressing for your specific body type visit Find the Perfect Bathing Suit to Flatter Your Body Type, or visit Find the Perfect Pair of Shorts to Flatter Your Body Type.    

Are you tired of your regular neutral wear, fearing that you might bore yourself to tears with your wardrobe? If so, then it’s time to buy colorful accessories or clothes that pop. If you tend to wear the same neutral colors every day, such as black, navy, white, and brown, you might as well take a back seat in both your professional and social world.


Your personal style and image makes a large impression on others. People remember those who look well groomed, and who wear something memorable. Wearing the same neutral colors everyday isn’t memorable. Liven up your outfits with a bright colored bag, piece of jewelry, or stylish pair of pumps. Your outfit will look alive and completely different than before with just a splash of color here and there.


If you’re looking to do a wardrobe restyle  purchase a solid, vibrant colored dress that is a versatile foundation for your lifestyle. In other words, find a dress that can be worn to work, out to dinner, or to drinks with friends. The accessories you wear with the dress will change the look, attitude, and personality of the dress, fooling others into thinking you have a variety of outfits that pop.


Five tips for changing up the look of the same dress:


·        Wear the dress with a button down sweater or cropped jacket to work for a professional look.

·        Tie a bow beneath your bust with a ribbon. This will add some life to the dress and help create a slim appearance. The bow is a great idea for a night out on the town.

·        Wear a large, bold necklace that will draw attention to your dress and accent it.

·        Choose a bag that is fitting for your activity. If you’re going to work, a larger bag would work well. If you’re going out at night choose a clutch or small shoulder bag.

·        Change up the shoes you wear with the dress. You will walk differently and express a different attitude depending on the shoe you wear. Walking in pumps exudes a more sophisticated attitude, than flats, which are more playful. Both styles work well to change the expression of any dress. You’ll also feel different in both.


Let Charleston Style Concierge  provide you with the tips and tricks you need to make a positive impression in your professional and social worlds. Your personal image sends a powerful message to others, so it’s important to look fresh and put-together. Contact us today at 843.323.2466 for style help. Our variety of services  is guaranteed to improve your personal style and help you make a fantastic first impression to everyone you meet.  

Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to switch-out heavier winter fabrics for lighter, airy ones. Some male professionals might find the switch to be a difficult task, but I assure you, it isn’t hard to master. Spring is the perfect time to try new fabrics and styles that specifically cater to your lifestyle, while building on basic wardrobe elements. With the right timeless tips and strategies, you’ll find it a breeze to get dressed for work, improve your personal style, and look great this spring.
5 Tips to Improve Your Personal Style and Business Image for Spring:
1) Before beginning your dress-for-success-transformation, it’s important to know your size. Not just around the hips, but everywhere. A suit that fits poorly expresses to the business world that you don’t take the time to ensure things are done correctly and to the best of your ability. It might sound shallow, but subconsciously if people see you in an outfit that doesn’t fit right, your services might not fit right for them. Even if you own the most expensive suit in town, the wrong fit is the wrong image. Find a reputable sales representative or personal stylist to make sure your suit fits comfortably and perfectly. It’s also important to remember, if you gain or lose weight over the years, you need to get resized. Suit colors should be classic and have the ability to be mixed and matched with a variety of dress shirts, shoes, and ties. Stick with navy, gray, navy pin-striped, and black.
2) The more versatile your dress shirts, the better. White dress shirts can be matched with any tie, allowing you to choose a tie with some color. Light blue, navy, light pink, and blue stripped shirts are also simple and timeless—not trendy, and can be mixed and matched with a variety of clothing articles. The key to building your perfect wardrobe is to use dress shirts that are simple and flexible to other parts of your wardrobe.
3) Now that you have the perfect dress shirts, it’s time to match them with the perfect ties. Navy ties with stripes, a hint of color, or polka dots are excellent to match with classic white and blue dress shirts. Don’t be afraid to try ties with different fabrics and prints. A hint of color always stands out, bringing your wardrobe to life.
4) Another important element of building the perfect image is finding the best shoes, and knowing how to maintain their quality. When it comes to shoes, you’re better off buying quality shoes that will last for years. A timeless leather shoe should look immaculate years down the road, if you maintain it correctly. Shoes should be maintained by polishing them with a polish or conditioner. Wear black shoes with dark colored suits, such as navy, gray, and black, and brown shoes with brown, green, or tan suits.
5) Adding a classic watch to your business outfit is the perfect finishing touch. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you may want a watch with the date displayed, more dials, or simply the time. A thinner, light-weight watch with a leather band is a timeless look that goes with any outfit (depending on the color of the leather strap). Having your watch serviced every five years and polished often will preserve its lifespan.
With spring symbolizing a fresh start, isn’t it time you restyled your wardrobe? Let Charleston Style Concierge be your style consultant, providing you with effortless Charleston style tips that will last a lifetime. Contact us today and learn how you can improve your professional image right now.

Do you envy the woman who always looks stylish and put together no matter what?  You know the woman, the one who looks like she spent hours getting ready with a stylist and tailor at the ready.  You will be surprised to find out that many of your style icons (I’m talking real world style icons.  Your co-worker, the neighbor, your best friend.) are able to get dressed in minutes with minimal effort, and look fabulous. 



Get effortless style.


A Perfect Fit.  Without fit you have no style.  A trendy blazer that is too big will look shlumpy and outdated.  The same blazer too small makes appears as if you are trying too hard, and will remove the chic sophistication from an outfit.  Learn about your body type and dress it appropriately.  It is sometimes hard to see our bodies for how they really are.  Get advice from a personal stylist or ask a trusted friend to help you examine the fit of your clothing.


Embrace Your Personal Style.  Stylish women own their look and exude confidence because of it.  Take note of the style and type of clothing that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.  This is your personal style.  If the trendy item of the month doesn’t fit your personal style, it will just look silly on you.  Find a style that makes you feel sexy, confident, and proud.  Then embrace it, that’s your style, and what makes you unique.

Flaunt your Assets.  The put-together women of the world know what their best and worst body features are.  Nobody is perfect, and everyone has at least one hang up about their body.  Stop dwelling on the parts you don’t like and flaunt the parts you do.  As you study how to play up certain assets you will learn how to downplay you least favorite body parts, and stop worrying about them.
Create a Versatile Wardrobe.  French women are a great example of how chic a versatile wardrobe can be.  Walk the streets of Paris and you will find women who put together fabulous outfits with fewer pieces than hang on your husband’s side of the closet.  Examine your lifestyle and then purchase wardrobe pieces that can be mixed and matched to make different outfits.
Accessorize.  Accessories are one of the most important parts of your outfit.  The right accessory is the missing link between you and your style icon.  Learn to accessorize with unique pieces that compliment an outfit.  Add pizzazz to a boring outfit with a colored shoe.  Carry a handbag in a pseudo-neutral color like purple, pink, or burgundy.  It goes with everything and will save you time from changing back and forth.
 Effortless style isn’t just for celebrities.  Change how long it takes you to get dressed and feel good every time you walk out the door.  For help creating your effortless style contact the Charleston Style Concierge.


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Donna Terrell, Criminal Defense Attorney

It is hard to explain why Lee is so brilliant at what she does because it is almost like magic. She pierces through your personality and reflects who you are in what you wear. She does not just pick out great clothes – she picks an outwardly appearance that creates a comfort zone while also allowing the world to see the real you.

Nate Casey, Entrepreneur

Working with Lee has dramatically increased my revenue, not because of what I’m wearing but because of how I show up when I am dressed like my future self.

Angela Lauria, The Difference Press

When I reflect on who I was before working with Lee, I see that everything about me was a muted version of who I am today. And thanks to Lee’s incredible gift, I’m me. I now show up every single day: as the thought-leader Lee helped me dress to become (and be).

Hillary Walsh, Esq., New Frontier Immigration Law

Thank YOU! It was such a fantastic mini-class you took us through. You got everyone really into it! I can hardly believe that I actually had to cut them all off. You are a force! We are very lucky to have had the benefit of your help and we’re all better for it.

Megan Graves, Client Happiness & Team Happiness Coordinator, Upleveling Your Business

You are amazing!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about our conversation all day and this is just brilliant – you are a strategist and creative genius. Your vision completely resonates with me. I am so grateful for you, Lee.

Kelly McGrath, Esq., Kelly McGrath Law

Lee had a surprising way about her that uncovered my deeper self, my reason for being, and encoded it onto my wardrobe like a symbol—a moment-by-moment reminder of who I am, and what I’m here to do. Her brilliance crept up on me; I didn’t realize it was her behind the changes in my life until months afterwards. Now, I am able to approach everything I do from a place of power.

Jonathan Sparks, Esq. Sparks Law

Lee brings to life a vision bigger than I imagined. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on my personal brand, photo shoot strategy, and the brand experience of events for my non-profit. Through each piece she’s helped me grow as a leader and an organization. I love having her on my team.

Alyx Porter Umphrey MD, ElevateMed

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