Whether you plan to join in the celebrations this

-St. Patrick’s Day-

with friends, family, or alone- 

your luck will

improve with a festive wardrobe and accessories

(and you will look great, too)!

If you have a narrow calf it can be hard to find boots

that don’t feel huge around your calf.

Follow some simple rules when shopping, and you can avoid the head-ache, and any future dis-content with your boots!

Shopping Tips:

– Start by measuring the circumference of your calf and then search for boots with a similar calf circumference.

{Rely on sites like zappos.com and 6pm.com}

(samples selected below from these sites)

-Don’t forget to read reviews.

-Feedback from others can also help you decipher the fit of a potential purchase.


Are you sitting there thinking that you  -OWN -the wardrobe, but not sure -WHERE- everything has gone, or -HOW- to piece the clothes you own together?

Let me come to you for your very own ‘Closet Edit’, and we can work through some of the most common wardrobing dilemma’s together!


Getting dressed can be quick and easy. Look great in ten minutes or less with these time saving style tips from Charleston Style Concierge.


1.      Get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit. Clothing that doesn’t fit tricks you into thinking you have more outfit options that you do. When you’re not happy with an outfit, you’ll take it off and start again wasting precious time.


2.      Edit your closet at least twice a year. A closet edit helps you know exactly what you have so you can put together outfits quickly.


3.      When adding pieces to your wardrobe, be a disciplined shopper. Only purchase items that can easily be mixed with your existing wardrobe.


4.      Hang pants together, shirts together, skirts together, etc. This helps you walk into the closet and grab an outfit easily.


5.      Take pictures of outfits you love. Put them in a Look Book as a reference for fool proof outfit ideas.


Charleston Style Concierge is a personal styling company that teaches women how to get dressed in ten minutes or less. For more information, visit http://www.charlestonstyleconcierge.com.

We’ve all seen a list of the 10 most versatile wardrobe pieces you should own. You probably already have some of them. The trick to making wardrobe pieces versatile is making them your own. Each piece should be representative of your personal style.


On any must-have list, you will find the classic white shirt. I find this shirt in almost everyone’s closet. However, most people don’t actually wear it. Why? Because they saw it on the list and went out and bought a classic white shirt, not a shirt they actually want to wear.


When you are purchasing staple wardrobe pieces, keep the following in mind:

  • Look for details that make the piece special or unique to you. For example, purchase a classic white shirt that appeals to your style. Your classic white shirt could be a wrap shirt or have tuxedo detailing. It is still as classic as the button-down you see on the list, but yours is a version you will wear a lot more.


  • Buy quality pieces. How many pairs of black pants do you own because you keep buying versions of the “perfect” pant? It is easy to be swept away by the price, not the pant. The result is discontent with the pant you have. You will spend more money buying 5 imperfect versions than you would have spent purchasing one pair of quality, well-fitting pants.


  • The fit of your clothing is key. Your wardrobe staples should fit you like a glove. Sometimes a perfect fit cannot be achieved from clothing straight off the rack. Get to know a tailor. She can help you make small adjustments to your clothing. Your staple wardrobe pieces are worth the investment.


  • Keep your lifestyle in mind. Remembering what you do on a day-to-day basis is one of the best tips I can give you. This will help you purchase versatile clothing that functions for what you actually do. A day dress is a very versatile piece, but if you run around all day, a dry clean only version will not do the trick. Choose a dress in a wearable and washable fabric.


Click here to view my list of the 10 Most Versatile Wardrobe Pieces.

Imagine having a closet full of clothing you truly love. The only challenge to getting dressed would be deciding which fabulous outfit to wear. Getting dressed would be quick and easy, and you would feel great every time you walked out the door.


All of this is possible if you adopt a love it or leave it attitude. It is easy to be seduced by price, styles that you love but that won’t work for your body type, friendly encouragement from sales people, and numerous other factors. As you shop for wardrobe additions or as you edit your closet, you must be ruthless. If you don’t love something, you’re never going to be happy wearing it. Give it away, or leave it at the store!

5 Things Each Piece of Your Clothing Should Have


1.                The fit makes you feel great about your figure.

2.                The price does not affect your desire to buy it.

3.                It makes you feel confident and unique.

4.                It can be used to create many different outfits.

5.                It has special details that speak to your personal style.




It is impossible to create a wardrobe that allows you to get dressed quickly when you have no style direction or goal in mind. What you get is a closet full of clothes you don’t want to wear.


Whatever your wardrobe challenge is, it can be fixed! You just need to figure out why you are not happy with your style. And thinking to yourself, “I don’t have a perfect body,” is not a reason. Start by determining your style goals.


Observe what people are wearing when you think to yourself, “Wow! They look great!” Do you notice a pattern in what you like? Is it always a certain style?



Become aware of styles you naturally gravitate to. For example, when you are out shopping are you constantly drawn to classic and sophisticated looks, or bohemian chic ones? Make note of this. 


Ask yourself how you want to look. Do you want to look younger, more modern, more professional, more put together. Then ask yourself why you want to look this way. The why is important.


Pretend you live in a perfect world with none of your lifestyle and body constraints. Now, what would you like to wear everyday?


If you feel stuck, get inspiration from fashion magazines. Cut out pictures to narrow down what you really like. Don’t focus on what you think you can wear, just focus on things you like. 



Take some time to think about these questions and write down your answers. Your responses will help you determine why you are unhappy with your current wardrobe. Then, work towards creating a versatile wardrobe that meets your style goals and functions for your lifestyle.


Let Charleston Style Concierge show you how to create a wardrobe you love to wear. Through a compete image and style assessment, clients learn how to create an easy and effortless style.

1.    Give your Mom the gift of time. Let her invest in herself by creating a block of time to spend editing her closet. A closet edit  is therapeutic and will help your Mom feel more confident and less stressed. Start by eliminating your Mom’s distractions for at least three hours. Next, give her the tools she needs to enjoy her closet edit such as candles, a glass (or bottle depending on the size of the closet) of wine, pad to take notes about the wardrobe pieces she needs, and a full length mirror. Your Mom will emerge from the closet a new woman with an organized and true sense of personal style. 


2.    Help your Mom create a look book After her closet edit, she will have a renewed sense of new and different outfits to choose from. Take a picture of each outfit (don’t forget to add accessories) to help your Mom get dressed quickly and easily each morning. Create a book for her to keep in her closet that has pictures of at least twenty outfits she can easily throw on each morning. The next time she is running late she can reference the look book for an outfit she knows looks great and makes her feel confident.


3.    Create a relaxation day for your Mom. Purchase her favorite style magazines and create a style library she can read while relaxing on the beach or at the spa. She can jump start her style simply by getting inspiration from magazines. It doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in your personal style, just good information so you can tweak what you already have.


4.    Show your Mom how she has inspired you to become a confident and successful woman. Make a list of all the ways her actions have influenced who you are and the impact you make on the world. Include this list in the card you give her. It will have more meaning than the saying Hallmark thought of.


5.    Purchase a gift certificate to her favorite boutique and schedule a time for her to have some fun  shopping. Encourage your Mom to bring the notes she made during her closet edit with her. Her notes will direct her to wardrobe pieces or accessories that will help her develop a versatile wardrobe that works lifestyle.


Let Charleston Style Concierge create the perfect gift for your Mom with one of our style services. Contact us at 843.323.2466 for great ideas of how to personalize a style experience for your Mom. Gift Certificates are available.

Here in Charleston, SC it’s important to cater your style  around temperature and UV index changes. Before stepping foot outside for a downtown stroll, remember the three spring essentials (in addition to sunscreen) for looking fabulous, while protecting yourself from the sun.


The Three Essentials for a Spring Stroll:


1)  A floppy hat: Protect yourself from the sun while looking fabulous in a chic floppy hat. Wear an SPF lotion on your face, as well, for double protection. When you walk down the street on a hot day, sweat tends to wash away a lot of the SPF you have on, which is why it’s important to have another form of protection. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.



2)  A light scarf: Jazz up a light-colored spring outfit with a bold and colorful scarf.   A light-weight scarf adds color, flare, and texture to your spring outfit and also protects delicate neck skin from the sun. You might be thinking a scarf will make you sweat profusely, but the right feather-weight scarf is airy and light on your skin.




3)  A pair of sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the harsh sun with a pair of chic sunglasses. The combination of the floppy hat, light-weight scarf, and sunglasses is a fantastic look for spring, and can be adapted to your own personal style. No need for make-up—just an SPF lotion on your face, a light dusting of powder, and some mascara will do the trick. 




Need a personal shopper in Charleston, SC? Let Charleston Style Concierge find you the perfect spring essentials to fit your individual lifestyle. We’ll help you improve your personal style and provide you with tips and strategies to have lifelong effortless style. Contact us today at 843.323.2466 to learn about our many services, including closet editing, personal shopping, and personal styling.

10 Habits to Make Your Image and Style Effortless

1.         Create an appearance each morning that makes you feel confident and happy.


2.         Kick laziness to the curb.


3.         Organize your closet so it works for you.


4.         Stay consistent with the image you portray. 


5.         Take care of your wardrobe. 


6.         Edit your closet.


7.         When in doubt, make it work.


8.         Get in the habit of tailoring your clothes.


9.         Don’t settle when buying wardrobe pieces. 


10.    Make an effort. Small steps have a big impact.


It is not only easy to have great style, it can be simple and effortless. For more help making your style and image simply effortless contact Charleston Style Concierge at www.charlestonstyleconcierge.com.

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