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Do you walk down the street staring at flawless women in disbelief? Do you wonder if they have a team of experts who coif their hair and pick out their clothes each morning?


You don’t have to be a celebrity to look and feel fabulous! All you need to know are the tricks to easily achieve the total style package.


Join us for a FREE teleseminar and learn how to get the total style package just by tweaking your clothing, hair, and makeup.


Whether you need a style update to your clothing, hair, makeup, or all three, you will learn valuable secrets from two very savvy image divas. We believe that great style doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it should be both easy and fun. Let us show you how by joining us on this call.


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On this call, you will discover . . .

  • What you can learn from your closet.
  • What product is an instant face-lift.
  • What type of clothing always makes you look thinner.
  • How to get your hair to look as if you just came from the salon.
  • How your clothing, hair, and makeup shape your image.
  • What three makeup items work for every woman.

So, if you want to look great and finally get the look you desire, join us on August 19 at 7 pm Eastern time (4 pm Pacific). Please note that this call will be recorded, but you must sign up to receive the recording. Just enter your information in the boxes below to receive the complete call details via email. See you there!

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Are you tired of your regular neutral wear, fearing that you might bore yourself to tears with your wardrobe? If so, then it’s time to buy colorful accessories or clothes that pop. If you tend to wear the same neutral colors every day, such as black, navy, white, and brown, you might as well take a back seat in both your professional and social world.


Your personal style and image makes a large impression on others. People remember those who look well groomed, and who wear something memorable. Wearing the same neutral colors everyday isn’t memorable. Liven up your outfits with a bright colored bag, piece of jewelry, or stylish pair of pumps. Your outfit will look alive and completely different than before with just a splash of color here and there.


If you’re looking to do a wardrobe restyle  purchase a solid, vibrant colored dress that is a versatile foundation for your lifestyle. In other words, find a dress that can be worn to work, out to dinner, or to drinks with friends. The accessories you wear with the dress will change the look, attitude, and personality of the dress, fooling others into thinking you have a variety of outfits that pop.


Five tips for changing up the look of the same dress:


·        Wear the dress with a button down sweater or cropped jacket to work for a professional look.

·        Tie a bow beneath your bust with a ribbon. This will add some life to the dress and help create a slim appearance. The bow is a great idea for a night out on the town.

·        Wear a large, bold necklace that will draw attention to your dress and accent it.

·        Choose a bag that is fitting for your activity. If you’re going to work, a larger bag would work well. If you’re going out at night choose a clutch or small shoulder bag.

·        Change up the shoes you wear with the dress. You will walk differently and express a different attitude depending on the shoe you wear. Walking in pumps exudes a more sophisticated attitude, than flats, which are more playful. Both styles work well to change the expression of any dress. You’ll also feel different in both.


Let Charleston Style Concierge  provide you with the tips and tricks you need to make a positive impression in your professional and social worlds. Your personal image sends a powerful message to others, so it’s important to look fresh and put-together. Contact us today at 843.323.2466 for style help. Our variety of services  is guaranteed to improve your personal style and help you make a fantastic first impression to everyone you meet.  

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The first step in creating a versatile wardrobe is to decide what style you desire. To put it another way, you need to figure out what you should be wearing to create the look you desire.


As you think about the style you desire, don’t worry whether or not you can pull off a particular style or outfit. Once you figure out what you like, you can find ways to wear the style of clothes so that they are appropriate for your body shape and lifestyle.


It’s impossible to create a versatile wardrobe when you have no direction or goal in mind. What you get is a closet full of clothes that you don’t want to wear and that won’t make different outfits. And clothes that still have tags on them.


We can all use a reality style check. It is very easy to end up with a style that makes you no longer feel good about yourself. The young professional whose wardrobe reflects who she was at twenty-two, not who she is at twenty-nine. The man who has lost a significant amount of weight, yet still buys baggy, unflattering clothes. Or the mother who has focused so much energy on her family that she’s forgotten herself, only to wake up one day and wonder why she is so unhappy with herself.


Whatever your situation, creating style goals is easy. Simply decide how you want to look and what you need to wear in order to create the style you desire.


Tips on how to discover your style goals:


·        Observe what people are wearing when you think to yourself, “Wow! They look great!” Do you notice a pattern in what you like? If so, you’re onto something.


·        Notice if you gravitate toward a particular style or look. Are you constantly drawn to classic sophisticate, bohemian chic, or preppy? Make note of this. 


·        Ask yourself if you want to look younger, more modern, more professional, more put together. Then ask yourself why.


·        Pretend you live in a perfect world with none of your lifestyle and body constraints. Now, how would you like to dress? 


·        Cut out images in fashion magazines to narrow down what you really like. Don’t focus on what you think you can wear. Focus on the style you like. 


Take some time to answer the above questions. Write down you answers and refer back to them as you develop a versatile wardrobe that fits your personal style.


This is an excerpt from our Style Guide: 5 Steps to a Stress-Free and Versatile Wardrobe.  To view the entire style guide for FREE logon to our website and sign up for our mailing list.  Once you have signed up for our mailing list the link will be emailed to you.  



For more  help creating style goals contact the Charleston Style Concierge.  We can help you develop a unique personal style that fits your budget and lifestyle.


Being realistic about your lifestyle is one of the most important elements when creating a versatile wardrobe. Many of us buy clothing that we love, but that won’t work for our lifestyle. The result: gorgeous pieces that spend more time hanging in the closet than being worn and enjoyed. For instance, if you spend most of your time each week at a jean-free workplace, do you really need 50 pairs of jeans? No.


This is why it’s important to take inventory of your lifestyle needs.


Examining your lifestyle simply requires you to pay attention.


Yes, all you need to do is pay attention. Then, take inventory of your style needs with your lifestyle needs in mind.


I suggest keeping a notepad and pen near your closet or the area where you regularly dress. When you are getting dressed, keep the following questions in mind, and write down what you discover.


·        On a typical day, where are you going and what are you doing? And what percentage of time is spent doing those things? Do you work a 60-hour-week corporate job? Do you divide your time between a part-time job and attending your children’s activities and games?   


·        Where are you going when you have problems with your wardrobe and become frustrated if you have nothing to wear? Is it when you’re getting ready for work, for a dinner party, for lunch with friends, to your son’s soccer game?


·        When you’re getting dressed, where do you feel the most challenged? What are you lacking? Do you have plenty of shoes for the office, but nothing to wear for a night on the town? Are you lacking blouses and shirts to make more than one outfit with your dress slacks?


Writing down your answers will show you your wardrobe needs and challenges. This understanding is crucial when building a versatile wardrobe.


This is an excerpt from my latest style guide, 5 Steps to a Stress-Free and Versatile Wardrobe.  To read more from this great guide sign up for our mailing list and download 5 Steps to a Stress-Free and Versatile Wardrobe for F*R*E*E.

The next time your hips are the only thing you can see in the mirror, try these tricks when getting dressed.

  • Wear straight or wide leg trouser cut pants.  You want to create a straight line from your hip to the floor with the silhouette of your pants.

  • Always avoid pleated pants.  Pleats add width and bulk to your hips.

  • Watch out for poorly placed front pockets.  The farther out a pocket is placed the more it will accentuate your hips.  Pockets that are set closer to your zipper are ideal.

  •  Avoid side zip pants.  If you break up the front of your pant with a zipper you reduce the visual width of your hips.

  • Wear tops and jackets that define your waist.  A defined waist will draw the eye away from your hips.

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