Here in Charleston, SC it’s important to cater your style  around temperature and UV index changes. Before stepping foot outside for a downtown stroll, remember the three spring essentials (in addition to sunscreen) for looking fabulous, while protecting yourself from the sun.


The Three Essentials for a Spring Stroll:


1)  A floppy hat: Protect yourself from the sun while looking fabulous in a chic floppy hat. Wear an SPF lotion on your face, as well, for double protection. When you walk down the street on a hot day, sweat tends to wash away a lot of the SPF you have on, which is why it’s important to have another form of protection. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.



2)  A light scarf: Jazz up a light-colored spring outfit with a bold and colorful scarf.   A light-weight scarf adds color, flare, and texture to your spring outfit and also protects delicate neck skin from the sun. You might be thinking a scarf will make you sweat profusely, but the right feather-weight scarf is airy and light on your skin.




3)  A pair of sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the harsh sun with a pair of chic sunglasses. The combination of the floppy hat, light-weight scarf, and sunglasses is a fantastic look for spring, and can be adapted to your own personal style. No need for make-up—just an SPF lotion on your face, a light dusting of powder, and some mascara will do the trick. 




Need a personal shopper in Charleston, SC? Let Charleston Style Concierge find you the perfect spring essentials to fit your individual lifestyle. We’ll help you improve your personal style and provide you with tips and strategies to have lifelong effortless style. Contact us today at 843.323.2466 to learn about our many services, including closet editing, personal shopping, and personal styling.

Everyone’s body type is different. And let’s face it, there are certain bathing suits that simply don’t flatter certain body types. Every woman should feel confident when hitting the beach, and the type of suit she’s wearing makes a huge difference.


So, which suit is right for you this spring?


  • If you have a plus size figure: Don’t hide behind a cover up the whole time you’re at the beach—find a bathing suit that is flattering to your curves. You’ll be strutting your stuff across the beach in no time with the perfect suit. If you’re looking to control your mid section a bit, while going for the hourglass look, try one piece suits that have a controlled middle. Miraclesuits that are spandex lined are perfect to bring in your mid section, while still expressing your gorgeous curves. If you have a large bottom and are a little shy to show it off, wear a short matching skirt with it to hide your upper thigh and bottom.



  • If you have a long torso: Go for suits with prints and embellishments. Horizontal stripes are great, but avoid vertical stripes—these can make you look too long. Skirted bottoms are also excellent to attract the eye to your hips.
  • If you have a short torso: Match a solid bottom with a printed top to draw the eye to the top of your body. This will make your torso appear longer. Stay generic when choosing bottoms—you don’t want to draw the downward. One piece suits with a low-cut front are perfect for creating the illusion of a long torso and are absolutely sexy. 
  • If you have a petite figure: If you have both a petite bottom and bust try to find suits that make your body appear more curvaceous. For a small bust, a suit with a bit of padding, push up, and adjustable straps is perfect to show off the beautiful curves you already have, plus some. Strapless bandeau tops are also great for those with smaller busts. Try going for a suit with prints as oppose to solid. Solid colors tend to bog down the look of your bust. Wear a bottom with a print to accentuate your curves. If you have a petite waistline a suit with a high-cut thigh-line works great to create the illusion of curves.   


Don’t hide from the beach this spring. Find the right suit for you and show some skin with confidence. If you have trouble finding a bathing suit, let Charleston Style Concierge  help you find the perfect suit to flatter your body type. We are a style consulting company based in Charleston, SC, specializing in personal shopping, closet editing, and personal styling. We provide you with the tips, strategies, and help you need to have effortless and easy style.  Contact us today at 843.323.2466 and see how stress free life can be with a personal stylist.

Are you tired of your regular neutral wear, fearing that you might bore yourself to tears with your wardrobe? If so, then it’s time to buy colorful accessories or clothes that pop. If you tend to wear the same neutral colors every day, such as black, navy, white, and brown, you might as well take a back seat in both your professional and social world.


Your personal style and image makes a large impression on others. People remember those who look well groomed, and who wear something memorable. Wearing the same neutral colors everyday isn’t memorable. Liven up your outfits with a bright colored bag, piece of jewelry, or stylish pair of pumps. Your outfit will look alive and completely different than before with just a splash of color here and there.


If you’re looking to do a wardrobe restyle  purchase a solid, vibrant colored dress that is a versatile foundation for your lifestyle. In other words, find a dress that can be worn to work, out to dinner, or to drinks with friends. The accessories you wear with the dress will change the look, attitude, and personality of the dress, fooling others into thinking you have a variety of outfits that pop.


Five tips for changing up the look of the same dress:


·        Wear the dress with a button down sweater or cropped jacket to work for a professional look.

·        Tie a bow beneath your bust with a ribbon. This will add some life to the dress and help create a slim appearance. The bow is a great idea for a night out on the town.

·        Wear a large, bold necklace that will draw attention to your dress and accent it.

·        Choose a bag that is fitting for your activity. If you’re going to work, a larger bag would work well. If you’re going out at night choose a clutch or small shoulder bag.

·        Change up the shoes you wear with the dress. You will walk differently and express a different attitude depending on the shoe you wear. Walking in pumps exudes a more sophisticated attitude, than flats, which are more playful. Both styles work well to change the expression of any dress. You’ll also feel different in both.


Let Charleston Style Concierge  provide you with the tips and tricks you need to make a positive impression in your professional and social worlds. Your personal image sends a powerful message to others, so it’s important to look fresh and put-together. Contact us today at 843.323.2466 for style help. Our variety of services  is guaranteed to improve your personal style and help you make a fantastic first impression to everyone you meet.  

Charleston Fashion Week 2009 began with a bang Tuesday night as six semi-finalist emerging designers showcased their fabulous spring collections. The night was speckled with seductive backless dresses, 70s style vintage attire, geometric dresses, vibrant colors, and floral touches, as each designer offered a completely different collection from the next.


One of my favorite designers was South Carolina native Caroline Baker, owner of the Maude Couture line. Her eco-friendly Plumage Collection was absolutely stunning, boasting recycled beads, organic materials, elegant colors, feathered silhouettes, and exquisite backlines.


Baker’s Plumage Collection is a must-have for spring couture fashion. The airy, backless dresses are perfect for cocktail parties or black tie events during warm spring nights. Below are some photos of the Plumage Collection, illustrating magnificent backless couture:






Backless dresses are classic and reveal one of the most elegant areas of skin . . . the back. This look isn’t just a cocktail party / black tie look, it can be pulled off during both day and night—both different styles of course.


To pull this look off during the daytime . . .


·        Find a blouse with a small dip in the back neckline to show off an appropriate amount of back. The backline shouldn’t drop further than the bottom of your shoulder blades. It’s also important to make sure your bra isn’t showing.


To pull this look off during the nighttime  . . .


·        Find a top or dress with a plunging backline that goes a bit further than mid should blades. Many of these tops and dresses cannot be worn with a regular strapless bra. I suggest finding stick on cups. These help hold your bust in and control that area.

·        Do not buy a top or dress with a really low plunging neckline and a really low plunging backline—you might as well go out naked. The key is to find a tasteful top or dress that exude elegance. Below are some examples of tops or dresses from the Plumage Collection that are done just




This spring, make a fantastic first impression without emptying your wallet. A wardrobe restyle doesn’t have to cost tons of money. With the right versatile outfits, you can mix and match without looking like you wore the same outfit twice. Contact Charleston Style Concierge  today at 843.323.2466 to learn how you can develop effortless style and eliminate stressful days trying to find an outfit that works from your closet. Our services include closet editing, personal styling, personal shopping, and more. Isn’t it time you looked amazing this spring?

Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to switch-out heavier winter fabrics for lighter, airy ones. Some male professionals might find the switch to be a difficult task, but I assure you, it isn’t hard to master. Spring is the perfect time to try new fabrics and styles that specifically cater to your lifestyle, while building on basic wardrobe elements. With the right timeless tips and strategies, you’ll find it a breeze to get dressed for work, improve your personal style, and look great this spring.
5 Tips to Improve Your Personal Style and Business Image for Spring:
1) Before beginning your dress-for-success-transformation, it’s important to know your size. Not just around the hips, but everywhere. A suit that fits poorly expresses to the business world that you don’t take the time to ensure things are done correctly and to the best of your ability. It might sound shallow, but subconsciously if people see you in an outfit that doesn’t fit right, your services might not fit right for them. Even if you own the most expensive suit in town, the wrong fit is the wrong image. Find a reputable sales representative or personal stylist to make sure your suit fits comfortably and perfectly. It’s also important to remember, if you gain or lose weight over the years, you need to get resized. Suit colors should be classic and have the ability to be mixed and matched with a variety of dress shirts, shoes, and ties. Stick with navy, gray, navy pin-striped, and black.
2) The more versatile your dress shirts, the better. White dress shirts can be matched with any tie, allowing you to choose a tie with some color. Light blue, navy, light pink, and blue stripped shirts are also simple and timeless—not trendy, and can be mixed and matched with a variety of clothing articles. The key to building your perfect wardrobe is to use dress shirts that are simple and flexible to other parts of your wardrobe.
3) Now that you have the perfect dress shirts, it’s time to match them with the perfect ties. Navy ties with stripes, a hint of color, or polka dots are excellent to match with classic white and blue dress shirts. Don’t be afraid to try ties with different fabrics and prints. A hint of color always stands out, bringing your wardrobe to life.
4) Another important element of building the perfect image is finding the best shoes, and knowing how to maintain their quality. When it comes to shoes, you’re better off buying quality shoes that will last for years. A timeless leather shoe should look immaculate years down the road, if you maintain it correctly. Shoes should be maintained by polishing them with a polish or conditioner. Wear black shoes with dark colored suits, such as navy, gray, and black, and brown shoes with brown, green, or tan suits.
5) Adding a classic watch to your business outfit is the perfect finishing touch. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you may want a watch with the date displayed, more dials, or simply the time. A thinner, light-weight watch with a leather band is a timeless look that goes with any outfit (depending on the color of the leather strap). Having your watch serviced every five years and polished often will preserve its lifespan.
With spring symbolizing a fresh start, isn’t it time you restyled your wardrobe? Let Charleston Style Concierge be your style consultant, providing you with effortless Charleston style tips that will last a lifetime. Contact us today and learn how you can improve your professional image right now.

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