If you have a narrow calf it can be hard to find boots

that don’t feel huge around your calf.

Follow some simple rules when shopping, and you can avoid the head-ache, and any future dis-content with your boots!

Shopping Tips:

– Start by measuring the circumference of your calf and then search for boots with a similar calf circumference.

{Rely on sites like zappos.com and 6pm.com}

(samples selected below from these sites)

-Don’t forget to read reviews.

-Feedback from others can also help you decipher the fit of a potential purchase.

This weekend while shopping with my Mom, I chatted with a few other customers about what I do. When I told them I am a style coach I got very similar responses, “I wish I could have a personal stylist. I would love to always know what to wear and be able to double check with someone I trust about outfits I’m unsure of.” Sound familiar?

The truth is that any woman can have a personal stylist….it’s just a decision you make. This weekend I was inspired to create a service that made having your own stylist a no brainer. I’m excited to introduce, Love Your Style.

No matter where you live or what your style needs…I can help!

Love Your Style is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Trade in your style hang ups to feel confident and excited about your style.
  • Discover how to get the most from the clothes in your closet.
  • Get answers about your unique style needs.
  • Have limitless wardrobe options with clothes that easily mix and match.

Finally, get the style direction you need with Love Your Style. During three coaching calls with me (via phone or Skype), I’ll help you put your style on track. That means you’ll no longer have to stand in your closet frustrated over what to wear. I’ll show you exactly how to create a style that is easy, fun, and effortless to achieve.
Summer is around the corner. Together let’s make this the summer you feel awesome every time you walk out the door. All you need is the right action plan.

Click here to put your style on the fast track to fabulous!

Here’s to your style,

At some point in my early adolescence I read that redheads were supposed to steer clear of wearing the colors red and pink. I was told that fall colors were always a better choice for me. Yes, fall colors were very flattering but I felt disadvantaged at having the option of wearing red or pink taken away from me. My friends could wear red—why not me?
What I didn’t know then, and feel the need to shout from the treetops now, is that you can wear any color you want. How? Every color exists in many different shades. If pastel pink washes you out then look for a more saturated pink that is more flattering for your skin tone. I know now that certain shades of pink and red can look great. I have to be willing to hold them up to my face and see how they look. I encourage you to do the same.
With so much bold color everywhere you turn for spring, it’s time to feel confident wearing color! Take a chance and experiment with color.

Make Your Wardrobe Bloom with Color
With each new season comes an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe—and one of the easiest ways to do this is with color. This Spring you will find colorful hues such as coral, berry, turquoise, lilac, and red everywhere you turn.  Have some fun and experiment with these easy ways to incorporate new colors into your wardrobe this Spring.

Play with color in a print. Have some fun and step out in a dress with both color and pattern. This is an instantly put together look and all you have to do is put it on.
Use Black & White to tone down a bold color. If you have a dress or skirt in a bold color that you want to seem less bright, pair it with a black and white top or cardigan. This can also give your dress a completely different look.
Add color and pizazz with your jewelry. You can take a plain white t-shirt from drab to fab simply by adding a bright colored necklace. Jewelry with bold color is an easy way to participate in your favorite color trend of the season.
Slip it on. Every color shoe is flattering to your feet. Forget worrying about what colors you can and cannot wear and rock a shoe in a color you love. Choose a shoe in a color like red or turquoise and you’ll be able to wear it with practically everything in your wardrobe.

Ready for more tips on how to wear more color this Spring? Join me on Wednesday, March 9th, for the first Fashion Feminar of 2011, “Spring Trends: Make Your Wardrobe Bloom.” It’s only $20 to attend and you get to bring a friend for free. Sign up at http://www.fashionfeminar.com. See you there!

Tunic tops are a big trend for fall but can everyone look great in one? Yes, if it fits correctly.

A tunic that fits well is a chic and sophisticated wardrobe piece. The trick to rocking a tunic is simply great fit. There are two things to look out for when finding the right tunic for you.

  1. A great tunic provides a flattering shape. Pay attention to the seams on the side of the garment. They should come in slightly to help delineate a waistline or to highlight the narrowest part of your torso. To determine if this will be the case you have to try it on. As you look in the mirror ask yourself if you can see your shape or do you look like a rectangle. If you appear boxy or look like a rectangle, put the tunic back—it’s not the right one.
  2. The length of your tunic can make or break your look. Tunic length is very important because the correct length will make you appear thinner and taller. Typically I recommend that your top not come past your crotch. When a garment length is past your crotch you can no longer see where your legs start—visually making you look shorter.  If a tunic is too long simply take it to your favorite alteration shop and have it shortened to the appropriate length for you.

Look for tunics like this very chic example from Escapada Living.

Have a style question? Leave us a comment and your question could become our next blog post.

I couldn’t be more excited that fall is around the corner—it is my favorite time of year!  I love the cool crisp mornings, beautiful vibrant tree tops, and FALL FASHION! Boots, jackets, sweaters, and animal print here I come!
This fall is particularly exciting here at Charleston Style Concierge. Our office is busy preparing for upcoming speaking engagements, seminars, and exciting events. But, the biggest excitement comes from the news that I am expecting our first child in October.
To celebrate all of fall’s big changes I am announcing a very special fall promotion I think you’ll be excited about. I know I’m excited because I’ve never offered anything like this before.
I want to help pay for your new fall wardrobe! For the next two weeks, when you schedule your style consultation with me you will receive:

$25 VISA gift card with your Virtual Style Consultation
(Yes, I can help you achieve the style you desire no matter where you live!)
$50 VISA gift card with your Styletini Styling Package
$100 VISA gift card with your Red Carpet Styling Package
$200 VISA gift card with your VIP Styling Package

The easiest way to feel put together and stylish is to know how to create the perfect outfit. A perfect outfit results from 4 elements—a key item, a supporting item, a completer piece, and an element of pizzazz. Follow these steps when getting dressed to create the perfect outfit every time.


Step 1: Choose a Key Item


This item is the inspiration you build an outfit around. It can be as simple as a shoe, a bold necklace, a skirt, a top, or anything that inspires you while getting dressed on that day.


Step 2: Support Your Key Item.


Consider what additional wardrobe pieces you can use to complement your key item. To figure this out you can ask yourself a few questions. Is my key item a neutral? A psedo-neutral? Or is it a color that needs to be paired with a neutral?

Does my key item stand out on its own or need additional personality? Support pieces could be a bag, belt, piece of jewelry, scarf, or jacket, etc.


Step 3: Complete the Look


In this step you are beginning to put the finishing touches on your outfit. This is the step where you make an outfit look like it was meant to be worn together instead of looking like pieces of clothing you decided to wear together. Completer pieces could be a belt, cardigan, or jacket, etc.


Step 4: Add a Dash of Pizzazz


This is the last step of creating a great outfit. This is where you make an outfit memorable. An element of pizzazz adds personality to an outfit and helps you make it your own, or unique to your personal style. You can add pizzazz in many ways. It can come from a detail in one of the items you are wearing, an unexpected pop of color, a bold pattern or color, or bold jewelry.






Key Item: Green Pattern Shirt


Element of Pizzazz: Pattern in the shoe and the shirt

Supporting Item: Jean Skirt (neutral)
Completer Piece: Belt



Do you wish you could find the perfect outfit in 10 minutes or less?

Are you tired of spending $$$ on clothes you don’t love to wear?

Do you wish someone would show you how to get the look you want?

I’m excited to do just that with my new Stylish Inner Circle coaching program. This coaching program actually teaches you step-by-step how to achieve your style goals. Through LIVE phone classes, style guides exclusive to SIC members, Q & A sessions, and VIP discounts you will have the tools you need to discover the best way for you to look and feel great.
You can have any style or look with a little guidance and a belief in yourself. For the same amount you would spend on two magazines and a cup of coffee, you get an ongoing style resource that shows you how to always feel and look great.

Sign up for your two-month trial membership, and start loving your style. Join my Stylish Inner Circle, and finally feel great every time you walk out the door!

To activate your two-month trial in my Stylish Inner Circle, sign up now through my secure online registration. You only pay a one-time charge of $5 for customer service and handling of your membership materials. (This charge covers the entire two months.)
Then, after your first 60 days, you can continue this exciting coaching program for only $9.99 a month (or pay $94 for a full year and get $25 in savings). It’s only $9.99 a month to finally discover your style potential.

Yes, sign me up for my two-month trial membership!

Don’t let your closet frustrate you another day. Activate your two-month Stylish Inner Circle trial today, and discover how to get dressed in 10 minutes or less and feel great every time you walk out the door.
Don’t miss the next Stylish Inner Circle call on Tuesday, February 23 at 12 pm Eastern.

“Travel In Style without Bringing Your Entire Closet”

This call is ONLY for Stylish Inner Circle members. Join now to access this call with your two-month trial membership for only $5.
For more information about the Stylish Inner Circle please visit http://www.stylishinnercircle.com

I want to make sure you mark your calendar for an exciting free telecall that will get you out of your fashion rut and into a put-together and fabulous style.
DATE: Wednesday, January, 27, 2010 at 12 pm Eastern
TOPIC: “Get Out of Your Fashion Rut: 5 Simple Ways to Jump Out”
(In a hurry? Click here and sign up.)
It’s so easy to fall into the habit of walking into your closet and emerging wearing the same boring outfit you always wear. It’s safe, and much easier than dwelling over your lack of other options.
Let’s face it. It’s easy to find yourself in a fashion rut.
Spice up your wardrobe and love what you wear by joining me for this free telecall “Get Out of Your Fashion Rut: 5 Simple Ways to Jump Out.” On this call you will discover:

  • What style secrets can constantly refresh your wardrobe.
  • How to never fall into a fashion rut again.
  • What three simple things can change up an old favorite.
  • How to make your wardrobe feel fun and new without spending a lot of money.
  • What three rules every piece of your clothing must follow.

This call will be recorded. Just sign up and the recording will automatically be emailed to you after the call.

Reserve your space today!

See you there!

In the spirit of trying to play by the rules and wear what you think is appropriate, or, what you “should” wear, it is really easy to end up losing yourself in a style that just isn’t an authentic version of who you are. Often times you end up thinking something is your style, when it is actually the opposite of the look and feel you want to achieve from your clothing.
To feel more authentic about who you are in your clothes you have to dress intentionally. This means you purposefully choose clothing that makes you feel and look a certain way. You become very disciplined about what you buy and what is allowed to live in your closet. If a shirt doesn’t make you feel great and doesn’t help you portray who you are, it’s simply not for you. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, or your body, it just means that it’s not the shirt for you. There will be plenty others!
Clothing then becomes something that you enjoy wearing, not something you have to wear because you can’t leave the house naked. Getting dressed becomes easier each morning. Think about the days you are able to dress quickly and easily. Those are usually the days that you love what you are wearing. Alternatively, it takes a few tries to put on an outfit that doesn’t match who you are. You’ll change your clothes over and over again because they never feel quite right. It never feels authentic.
The next time you are out shopping, or editing your closet, I encourage you to really think about your clothing. Does your clothing match the image you want to portray? Does it make you feel great? If not, spend some time figuring out the disconnect and become disciplined about what clothing truly puts a kick in your step.

Even though the calendar says September, here in Charleston, SC the temperature still feels like summer. Fall fashions are always my favorite, but it can be frustrating to figure out what to wear when the stores and fashion magazines are inspiring you to wear Fall clothing.
It may be Fall, but it still feels like summer outside. Easy ways to feel fashionable for Fall are to:
• Play with Color.
-Use darker “Fall” colors in your wardrobe and accessories.
-Wear colors that are considered to be on trend for the season.
-Don’t banish “summer” colors, try mixing them with other fall pieces.
• Experiment with layers.
-Adding a lightweight layer to a typical summer piece makes it fall ready.
-Examples: cardigan or jacket over your favorite tank, tights and turtleneck with your favorite summer dress.
• Change up your accessories.
-Pack away summer specific bags (straw, plaid, summery fabric) and start using a great leather handbag.
-Slowly wean yourself from your tired flip flops and change them out for your ballet flats.

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