17 112015

Conference to Cocktails in Minutes (for her)

I had the pleasure of attending the Authority Marketing Summit last week with Dan Kennedy and Adam Witty. It was a great event showing authors how to market themselves to be the top authority in their industry. On the first night of the event there was a cocktail party directly after the closing session. Everyone was excited about the occasion

17 112015

The Power of Ordinary

A couple of Sundays ago our church had a missionary pastor in town. As he stood up to lead the sermon he was crying. He then said something that really stuck with me. He said, “They’re is such power in what is ordinary.” Our large congregation, the sound of the hand bells, the amazing music

02 112015

Style Mistakes for a First Date

Attracting the right man is all about tapping into what makes you feel your best in a very authentic way. Don’t Make These First Date Style Mistakes! #1 Forget about wearing something that makes you feel as if you have to suck it in all night! Spanx are the greatest invention but if you’re uncomfortable

13 102015

Fringe for Fall

You don’t have to be a cowgirl to love the fringe of Fall. Here are a few fun ways to do it.  (Note:  I have no affiliation to the sale of these items ;-) Please click the link if you would like to purchase) Frye Heidi Stud Fringe Hobo   Vince Camuto Stone Finge Earings Sam

26 092015

The Bird POOP Lawyer

For today's Style Inspiration I have a funny story for you...(you may have heard me tell this before but I was reminded of this again today). It's about someone I call the Bird Shit Lawyer. A few years ago, my husband and I refinanced our home.  The attorney we used for this showed up at

26 092015

Uplevel Your Image

It's interesting to me the things that make one person decide to trust and work with another (or decide not too.) I have a friend who was telling me how her husband (corporate manager guy), would not even complete an interview with a candidate simply because his socks didn't match the suit he had on.

26 092015

What is a Personal Brand and What Can It Do For YOU?

What is a Personal Brand and What Can It Do For YOU? Can you really create opportunity in your business simply by getting dressed? YES, let me share: I recently went to volunteer for the Special Olympics here in Charleston as a timer for a kayaking race. We are all finishing up, and I'm walking

26 092015

Dress For Your Vision

What does your vision look like really? If you were to see it ON you... would it be purple? green? blue? Would it be fitted and sassy or loose and comfortable? Would your vision be tailor made or one size fits all? How you dress everyday, regardless of whether or not others see you, will

08 092015

Personalize Your Apple Watch

Personalize Your Apple Watch with A Great Band   (Photograph from PCmag.com)   Make your Apple watch your own. Check out some of these great options for a watch band to suit your image. Simply click the image to see these watch bans online: