24 082015

Shoe Style Inspirations

Feel powerful in the office with this season’s pointy toes and block heels! (note:  all styles can be purchased at Nordstrom) Add some personality to your Fall wardrobe with a monk strap, wing tip, or great boot.

07 012014

Are you Inspired?

Every January I'm excited to have so many new clients who are ready to make a change to how they feel. Yes, I said how they feel. Changing what you wear changes how you feel on the inside. It makes you feel powerful, confident, and excited to take on whatever the day brings. As the

02 092013


Do you wish for magical clothes that instantly make people want to do business with you? Are you ready to be seen as an expert in your field? Do you want to feel confident in any setting? If you said yes join style expert and author, Lee Heyward, for the FREE webinar “Dress Like a

22 082013

How to Pick the Perfect Bag

The fastest way to create a polished and professional look is to pay attention to the details of your entire outfit. If you walk into a big meeting holding papers and searching around for a pen your entire look appears unorganized no matter what you’re wearing. Instead keep everything in a beautiful day bag that

31 072013

Only Buy what you L-O-V-E!

I recently returned from a trip to Key West, FL with my family. Here’s a picture from one of our favorite beach spots. We had a blast but I also had a style altering moment (and it wasn’t from the people watching!). I passed a teenage girl on the street who had the same cell

30 072013

Invest Wisely in Your Style

Too often you find items hanging in your closet that seemed like a good idea but turned into a one hit wonder, or even worse a never worn wonder! Use these tips the next time you go shopping to ensure what you buy will be things you love to wear again and again. Calculate an

22 072013

5 Tips for Making Better Presentations

I love helping clients figure out what to wear during a presentation. But, how do you figure out what to say? My friend Margot Carmichael Lester from the Word Factory weighs in on how to create a great presentation. 5 Tips for Making Better Presentations Written by Margot Charmichael Lester I’ve been giving presentations since

21 052013

Dress to Impress this Summer

One thing that is hard to tolerate is the summer heat. However, it’s easier than you think to beat the heat and stay in style. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house thinking you look good and arriving to work a sweaty mess! Sweat happens. There’s just no way around it. But you don’t have

03 052013

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