Clothes that Shaped the Brand: Kelly Ripa’s visit to the ER

If you ever happen to catch Kelly Ripa tell this story on tv it’s quite funny. But it demonstrates your clothing doesn’t just shape the results you get in business—but also influences all areas of your life. Including how long you wait in the emergency room.

Talk show host Kelly Ripa tells a great story about a time when she passed out while naked, so her husband had to get her dressed before taking her to the hospital.

She arrives at the hospital and has come to and is feeling better, but she’s immediately rushed in to be seen by the doctor. She says to the doctor that there are many other people in the waiting room in more pain who should be seen first. He tells her the head nurse gives every patient entering the ER a visual evaluation, and the nurse determined that because of what Kelly was wearing, she must have been unconscious at some point. Therefore, she got priority in the ER.

Her husband had dressed her in a ballet leotard. He said it was just the first thing he saw. He recalled thinking it would be easy to put on—which is hysterical, because if you’ve ever had experience with a leotard, you know it’s not the easiest thing to get on, especially trying to put it on someone else who is unconscious (I can just picture it now!).

So she was wearing a ballet leotard, her husband’s soccer pants (the old-school kind that you just snap off), and, the piece de resistance, a pair of red high heels. That outfit alone got her seen ASAP in the ER.

Her story is funny, but it goes to show you how your image really does affect every result you’re getting, from how many new clients you get each week to how long you’ll wait at the ER.