Clothes that Shaped the Brand: The BEST Purchase Barbara Corcoran EVER made!

You may know Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s SHARK TANK but her path to success in real estate is fascinating. She started her business, the Corcoran Group, with a $1000 loan. She later sold the business for $66 million (66 is her lucky number).

She’s amazing in real estate but if you learn more about her you discover she’s actually a marketing genius. On NPR’s podcast, How I Built This with Guy Raz she talks about what she does with her very first commission check—she bought a new coat!

Here’s what she said on the podcast with Guy Raz,

“I did the smartest thing in the world. I cashed that commission check and I ran right over to Bergdorf Goodman and I blew it on a new coat. It was the smartest thing I could have done because I dressed like a poor kid from Edgewater. I just looked not the part. But I bought the fanciest damn coat. It was brown and white herringbone with real pearl buttons and real fur. I wore that coat for the next three years. It was the smartest thing I could have done with the money because in it I felt so powerful.”

Barbara wearing the coat from Bergdorf’s along side her business partner
and boyfriend Ramone Simone. Photo from @BarbaraCorcoran.
I love that story. Simply looking the part is a very powerful marketing tool. I always tell my clients if you want to sell a $100,000 client, then you need to look as if you’ve already landed many of them. You start here and work backwards to discover how to present yourself in an authentic way that will help you effortlessly close sales.

If you’re interested in the entire podcast I mentioned above you can find it here.