Clothing that Gets You Noticed by Celebrities!

Yesterday a client texted to tell me she had just met Kevin Harrington
(you know, the founder of As Seen on tv and Sharktank guy).
She said, Lee, it all happened because of this outfit. You see last week we created a wardrobe strategy for the conference she is currently attending.  We put together outfits that specifically portrayed an essence of success. This particular cream pant and fabulous blouse screamed just that when she bumped into a colleague who commented that she looked amazing, and must be doing really well for herself. Then he introduced her to his business partner, Kevin Harrington. Successful people are attracted to other successful people. And meeting key people can be as simple as a killer outfit. That’s the power of image. Isn’t that cool!

 The question is, does your image help you easily achieve the success you’re after?
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