Conference to Cocktails in Minutes (for him)

DanKennedyI had the pleasure of attending the Authority Marketing Summit last week with Dan Kennedy and Adam Witty. It was a great event showing authors how to market themselves to be the top authority in their industry. On the first night of the event there was a cocktail party directly after the closing session. Everyone was excited about the occasion but befuddled by what to wear.
To make life easier the next time you find yourself in this situation here are a few tips on how to go from conference attire to cocktail attire in just a few minutes.
Tip #1: For men a suit with an open collar shirt is a great option for the daytime conference. Or, wear a dark colored blazer such as navy, grey, or black. Both 1117image4looks can easily go to a cocktail party simply by applying the tips below.
Tip #2: Bring a fresh shirt with you to change into
prior to the cocktail party, particularly if you’re
someone who sweats.
Tip #3: Accessories are key to take your look from day to night.
If you are already wearing a tie during the day swap it out for a
tie with a little bit more shine or pizazz. Or, simply add a pocket square or lapel pin like this one from Brackish Bowties.
If wearing a suit with an open collar shirt during the day, bring a tie and pocket square with you to add to your look for the cocktail party.
1117image3Tip #4: Ensure your shoes are shined, polished, and in top shape. Nothing makes a man look more disheveled and casual than a shoe that is scuffed.