Do you wish for magical clothes that instantly make people want to do business with you?

Are you ready to be seen as an expert in your field?

Do you want to feel confident in any setting?
If you said yes join style expert and author, Lee Heyward, for the FREE webinar “Dress Like a CEO” on Wednesday, September 18th at 12pm EST.

Getting the business results you want is as simple as changing your clothes.

There’s nothing magical about it, except for the results you’ll see.
Your image is your most valuable asset and the one you most often forget about leveraging. The clothing you wear can determine your success before you even open your mouth.

Dress Like a CEO

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 12pm EST

During this 60-minute webinar you will discover…

  • How to avoid costly mistakes when creating your business wardrobe.
  • Why your clothes are the best way to walk your talk.
  • How to be dressed appropriately for any occasion.
  • Which wardrobe items are MUST-HAVES for every CEO.

Getting dressed should be easy and financially strategic!

Your wardrobe is an important business investment. The right clothes can turn a no into a yes, inspire other employees to be their best selves, or most importantly, make you feel confident and excited to be the chief executive officer of your own business, a fortune 500 company, or your life.

Register Here: http://www.styleseminars.com/dresslikeceo.html