How to Pick the Perfect Bag

Work BagThe fastest way to create a polished and professional look is to pay attention to the details of your entire outfit. If you walk into a big meeting holding papers and searching around for a pen your entire look appears unorganized no matter what you’re wearing. Instead keep everything in a beautiful day bag that fits everything you need for work. Use these tips before buying your next bag.
1. Take Measurements
Measure the items you commonly use and carry with you for work. How big is your laptop? How wide are the folders you use for new clients? Knowing these measurements will ensure you purchase a bag that is big enough for all of your needs.
2. Give it a test drive.
Before settling on a bag give it a test drive. Wear it around the store as you look at other things. Does it sit comfortably on your shoulder? Is it already heavy with nothing in it? Once you’re home don’t remove the tags until you’ve packed the bag for a typical day at work to see how everything fits and feels.
3. Have fun with it.
Typically your work bag is an item you pick up multiple times a day and use everyday, so it should be a bag you really love.  Choose one in a fun color, an interesting lining, or add an accessory like a scarf to change up the look.