What I Learned from Wearing Slippers to McDonalds

It was a big night in my house. My youngest pooped on the potty which is a momentous occasion. To celebrate, he got to pick a special treat. He wanted a McDonalds ice cream cone. So off we went.

I’m not a fan of McDonalds. I’m an even lesser fan of going inside a McDonalds hence the reason I wore slippers. Why would we be getting out of the car!?! But tonight I learned a few things from my McDonalds experience.

1. My husband and I are TERRIBLE communicators. (Although we already know this so at least we’ve communicated that!) I assumed we wouldn’t get out of the car. He assumed we would.

LESSON 1: Apparently people don’t know what’s in my head unless I actually communicate it. Noted!

2. I didn’t have the best attitude about wearing my slippers into McDonalds until I met Tamie who took our ice cream order. Nicest, most engaging, positive woman on the planet who can turn your piss poor attitude around with a smile, while never complaining about working 3 weeks straight. (She has her first day off tomorrow!)

LESSON 2: A smile can go a long way.

3. An ice cream quest can be turned into a poop on the potty party. When they found out why we were there all the employees in the front cheered and then gave both our kids toys.

LESSON 3: Stop assuming what an experience will be like until I walk in and try it (just hopefully in proper footwear next time).