Only Buy what you L-O-V-E!

I recently returned from a trip to Key West, FL with my family. Here’s a picture from one of our favorite beach spots. We had a blast but I also had a style altering moment (and it wasn’t from the people watching!).
I passed a teenage girl on the street who had the same cell phone case as me. This is not exactly a shocking probability but it made me instantly realize I had to get a new one. It wasn’t because someone else had the same thing as me but seeing it on her made me realize it just wasn’t my style.
I bought the cell phone case for two reasons. First, it was there when I needed it and it was on sale. Two reasons that ultimately cost me more money because now I have two cell phone cases when I could have just bought one I really loved in the first place.
The fact that this happened is fantastic! It was a great reminder for me to practice what I preach in all arenas of my life, not just with what I wear. A cell phone case isn’t a big deal in the style scheme of things. But why look and touch something a million times a day that you don’t even love.
It’s easy to be seduced by convenience or price but don’t forget to make sure whatever you buy makes sense for your style personality.