How to Take Photos that Attract the Right Clients

When you do a photo shoot for marketing purposes you want to create images that get results. Aka they help you market to your ideal client. Therefore pre-planning for your photo shoot is key to ensure your photos work to get you results.
Prior to your shoot there are six things you must do in order to get picture perfect photography.
It seems like a no brainer to hire a professional photographer, but it must be mentioned just in case. A good photographer will sit down with you to explore your goals and vision for your shoot. With a clear goal and vision, together you can create images that are going to get the marketing results you desire. This is key and is the foundation of your photo shoot.
(For the ladies) Once your shoot is scheduled you need to also hire or schedule professional hair and make up. Your photographer may provide this. Having your make up done by a professional is particularly important. In fact, it’s one of the rookie mistakes I made earlier on in my business. Check out the before and after picture of me when I did my own make up for a photo shoot. I immediately scheduled another one. Learn from my mistake and have your make up done!


Typically when you set out to take photographs, you instantly start thinking about what to wear. Instead first ask yourself how do you need to feel in order to be the best version of yourself behind the camera? Come up with three specific words that describe how you want to feel. (Confident, powerful, successful, Intriguing, Mysterious, Bad Ass, Approachable, Generous, Etc., Etc.) You can pick any adjectives that speak to you but then narrow it down to three. When you begin to plan your outfits for your photographs, these three words become your roadmap. You ask yourself does this outfit make me feel powerful, confident, and successful (enter your own words)? This very simple exercise can help you determine the best thing to wear.
Once you and the photographer determine the location for your shoot, it’s time to take into account the logistics that you need to prepare for. If you have decided you want photographs both standing and sitting plan your outfits for that. Not all outfits look as good sitting as they do standing, so be sure to have outfits planned that look great for both possibilities.
If you will be shooting outside it’s good to consider the fabrics you wear. If its hot outside or you know you will be nervous, lightweight fabrics show sweat faster. Your photographer can fix this if it shows up on a photo but planning ahead can make you feel more comfortable behind the camera instead of worrying about the fact you might sweat.
Often what makes you “weird” is what makes you stand out from your competition. When planning what to wear make sure to showcase your personality. Skip wearing what you think you “should” because it’s a professional photo. Instead wear something that makes you feel great, highlights your unique personality, and speaks to your ideal audience. Accessories and the details of your clothing can easily help you create a fun and interesting photo. Let me show you what I mean. Here is a picture of me from a photo shoot where I did not highlight my personality. The blue dress is a great picture but it doesn’t say anything about me. The purple dress gives you more perspective simply by adding a necklace and a bracelet.
Prior to having photographs taken be sure to give the outfits you plan to wear a dry run. Put everything on that you plan to wear. And I do mean everything! Down to your undies. Take a mirror selfie or have someone take a picture of you to ensure that everything works well together. Your pants aren’t too short. Your bra strap isn’t showing. It’s much better to discover things like this before you arrive for your shoot.
As you prepare for your shoot, having a checklist will ensure you show up ready to create picture perfect photos. If you’d like access to the checklist I use with my own private clients, simply click here, and we’ll be happy to share it with you!