Wet hair, Don’t Care: Your Employee With Wet Hair Costs You Money

Have a team member that shows up to work with wet hair?

Here are 3 steps to curb this habit while building the foundation for a stronger brand.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a morning where we wake up late. You jump in the shower, throw on clothes, do your makeup in the car, and pray you arrive to work on time.

When this becomes a habit for your team or employees, it chips away at your bottom line and negatively impacts your brand.

Yes, hair will dry so why make a big deal, but here’s what happens when one person is off brand with wet hair.

An employee showing up with wet hair does not feel their best. When they don’t feel their best, creativity, productivity, and influence on other team members decreases.

Then your employee comes face to face with a client. Without realizing why, your client feels as if something is off or out of alignment. Having employees who do not appear “ready” to do their job, sends up a subconscious red flag about whether or not they’ve made the right choice working with your company. They wonder what you might be missing when it comes to their work with you.
Then your wet hair problem becomes a snowball rolling down a hill. One person who’s image is not on brand gives a green light to everyone else that says it’s cool to look unprofessional and not on brand every once in a while—whether that’s more wet hair, a shirt with too many wrinkles, or inappropriate clothing.

Instead of changing all your client meetings to the afternoon once your problem hair has dried, use these tips to eliminate wet hair habits all together.

#1 No matter the size of your business, put a dress code in place.  A section of the dress code should include your expectations on grooming. It can be as serious or as funny as you would like. Such as, here at xyz company we only have bad hair days on Saturday and Sunday. This eliminates any questions about what is or is not on brand for your business, and clearly sets expectations. Studies show that employees often don’t know how to present themselves in the work place due to unclear expectations.

#2 Continually educate your staff on the mission and goals of your business. Make sure they know how they as an individual directly impact achieving those goals. When your team understands, and is invested, in the mission of what you do, it’s easier for them to understand the why behind the dress code and grooming parameters.

#3 Be a good role model—every single day! As the owner or manager of a team, you are setting the standard. If you are slipping with the way you present yourself, you’re giving everyone else permission to do the same. In most cases, employees are looking to those above them for guidance and direction on how to look. One of the most impactful ways you can help to up level your staff’s presence is to start with yourself.

If you’re ready to up level the image of your team, or create a dress code that inspires, let’s talk. Send an email to hello@leeheyward.com.