20 052017

What I Learned from Wearing Slippers to McDonalds

It was a big night in my house. My youngest pooped on the potty which is a momentous occasion. To celebrate, he got to pick a special treat. He wanted a McDonalds ice cream cone. So off we went. I'm not a fan of McDonalds. I'm an even lesser fan of going inside a McDonalds

21 012017

BOOK SHOUT OUT: Nine Women, One Dress

I shutter to report that I haven’t read a fiction book in over eight years. But this book breaks my streak of being only a business and self-development reader. Nine Women, One Dress, is the book version of a chic flick. It’s super cute and fun to read. I couldn’t put it down. There’s a

19 012017

BOOK SHOUT OUT: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I teach my clients that if you don’t really love something it’s not meant for you to wear or keep in your closet. Wasting time wearing things that don’t excite you cause you to miss opportunities. Knowing my philosophy my Aunt recommended I read, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It’s

21 112016

Is Your First Impression Working?

Interestingly, a first impression can be positive, without being exactly right for you. Many people make a good first impression. They easily convert sales and, if they’re good at what they do, the opportunities around them start to expand. It’s that very expansion, however, that can be tricky. Your image must keep pace and be

19 112016

Can New Clothes Really Make You More Money?

It feels easy to invest in a book that will help you increase your sales. Or software that will increase your team’s efficiency. Or a mastermind program that helps you get to where you want to go. But when it comes to investing in your outer self, sometimes it never occurs to you to open

02 112016

Take Great Photos with Your Team

A client with an upcoming team photo shoot often calls me in a panic sounding like this: ‘What should everyone wear? Should we match? Should we not match? Should I be different? Help!” If you’re planning a photo shoot with your team start here. STEP 1: Decide how you want a potential client to feel.

19 102016

How to Take Photos that Attract the Right Clients

When you do a photo shoot for marketing purposes you want to create images that get results. Aka they help you market to your ideal client. Therefore pre-planning for your photo shoot is key to ensure your photos work to get you results. Prior to your shoot there are six things you must do in

28 092016

The Pants that Took Two Inches Off My Hips!

I’ve always bought my workout clothes at Target. Frankly, I preferred to put my money into Louis Vuitton instead of things I’d sweat in. I wore athletic clothes that seemed perfectly good. But then something changed. I got serious about wanting a result from my workouts. I hired a trainer and immediately gave myself a

16 022016

Land Potential Clients With Your Personal Brand

This article was originally posted on huffingtonpost.com According to the University of Illinois Extension Statistics, first impressions comprise 55% of your appearance and body language. So if you don't dress the part, you're 55% less likely to make a sale. You often hear the words personal branding thrown around in business as if it's something

11 022016

Clothing that Gets You Noticed by Celebrities!

Yesterday a client texted to tell me she had just met Kevin Harrington (you know, the founder of As Seen on tv and Sharktank guy). She said, Lee, it all happened because of this outfit. You see last week we created a wardrobe strategy for the conference she is currently attending.  We put together outfits that specifically